Wednesday, 25 January 2017


After a testing year in came the offer of a girls trip with my cousins to Goa ... a god send! 
I naturally jumped at the chance and the rest , as they say, is history.

Goa has two sides : The lively North and the relaxed scaled back South. Our destination of choice was the latter. If you wanted to experience both ends of the scale you could do so with ease, as it is only an approx 2 hour taxi ride from North to South and with it being India it doesn't break the bank either.

My favourite part of any trip away is talking to the local residents and getting their input on where to go, it is the best way to get a true reflection of any town/country. 

With a few trips planned already i'm looking forward to everything 2017 is about to deliver! 


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Diets - what works best?

The penultimate question. Which diet to do for optimum weight loss. With so many diets and"specialists" on the market which claim to be the "next big thing", there's no wonder that the average consumer is overwhelmed and confused by the basics. "They say you should exercise..", "they say you should eat..". I hear these statements from friends, family, clients, dieters and gym goers all the time. Please, tell me, who are "they" that you talk about? All this hearsay has created a mess of good and bad information resulting in nearly everyone having the "right" answer. And to be honest, I'm SICK of it.

With programs such as "Save Money, Lose Weight" and "How to Lose Weight Well", the latest to point out the goodies and baddies of the dieting world, and although I understand there's a limit on how much time a broadcaster has to reveal all about the fads and the healthier options, they're still missing a very significant chunk of information.

Let's face it. When it comes to exercise and nutrition, the world is -

A) uneducated
B) deluded.

Call me harsh but it's true. Those that want to learn, find out for themselves. And having personally been in the fitness industry for over 8 years and have never claimed to know it all (far from it), when I see headlines such as -

"80% of adults over 40 are overweight and obese"

It makes me panic. 
If the older, "more responsible" of the population can't even get it right, then what hope do we have to motivate and inspire those younger? 

I'd like to draw on some examples. A favoured diet of the world, known for its ease to follow and lenient rules (you can still eat what you like apparently), Weight Watchers points counting.

Now. I'm not saying it doesn't work, in fact, when I started my own journey way back when, I achieved fantastic results following the basics of the plan. 
However, knowing what I know now, and even what I learned from my own nutritional research whilst following the diet myself, it can teach some unbelievable habits.
An average British woman would need 22 points per day, and man 32 points per day to lose weight. A whole avocado is 10 WW points. A large amount of points for such a wonderful source of good fats. But what's worse? A chicken burger from McDonalds is only 12 WW points. Erm. WHAT?!
Please help me explain how that teaches the uneducated world what's good and bad in the confusing world of food? 

Next, the over used phrase "eat less, move more". Don't get me wrong, if you're overeating, inactive and overweight, there is some truth in the statement. But something I see way too often these days, are young girls eating so little and training so much obeying the rule, wondering why they can't shift that bit of belly fat or cellulite on their bum and legs.

To refer back to my earlier opinion, when it comes to exercise and nutrition, the world is -

A) uneducated
B) deluded.

All that's left, are educated health professionals SCREAMING and continuing to be unheard.

I'll leave you with this -

If you had a hole in your tooth, would you go to the doctor? My guess is no. Although a trained health professional, not a specialist in that field.
So why do we trust non specialists with our health when it comes to two, fundamental principles of life; fuel and movement, and how to improve the quality of our lives using their specific knowledge?
Beats me.

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