Monday, 16 May 2016

Focus On Your Journey

With the rise and rise of social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, swiping through various feeds/accounts on the daily has become the new normal. A positive aspect is that we have the ability to see what our friends & favourite 'celebs'/bloggers are up to. The Negativity airs where many stumble and instead of it being an aid it becomes the goal.  When you get sucked in by what other people look like you can start to lose focus on what your own personal goals should be, or what you even want the end result to be. Which in turn can lead to being consistently dissatisfied with your progress. Seeing the changes week by week can be the most satisfying part of a new regime and by focusing on how far you still have to go, you are not really appreciating all you have achieved thus far.

One of my aims this year is to improve my strength. Every few weeks i seem to lifting heavier 
(obviously not to the level of pros such as Meisha ) and seeing the weights increase drives me to complete all reps/sets. This is another way of ensuring you are focusing on your own improvements and reaping in some serious rewards!

Last year i was striving to look like a number of different women. 
Did it motivate me? Yes.
Did it help me get results? Yes. 
But longterm did it allow me to appreciate MY body? No. 
Time for a change! 
Left - 1 Month in. Training but not pushing myself. Diet 60% Clean.Right - 7 Weeks later. Focus was in building my strength. Diet 80% clean.
This year the aim was to improve on the Tone of my body and increase my strength. Of course I had an idea of what I wanted to look like, but rather than yearning to be a direct clone of someone else,I took elements such as looking athletic, healthy with some ab definition and made these my focus. I will always carry weight on my lower body, so instead of trying to lose my shape i wanted to enhance it. My exact words to Meisha in training session No1 of 2016 may have been along the lines of ' Mate seriously i want a bigger butt'. No, seriously! 

In just 8 weeks of of training hard, increasing the number of times per week i trained with weights and cleaning up my diet 80% of the time i feel so much more confident. I focused on my weekly progress strength wise rather than how i looked in comparison to a picture on pinterest. 

The biggest lesson learnt this time around : as soon as you start to appreciate your progress rather than focusing on where you could be or comparing your body with that of another , you gain a certain level of satisfaction. This can become the biggest aid in your journey, as by looking at how far you've come can be all you need to spur you on just as complacency kicks in. 

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