Thursday, 24 March 2016

Project #RoadtoShreds - Episode 1

So yet again, I'm on another journey to get shredded. Last time I documented my journey to the WBFF competition stage, the highs, the lows and everything in between. Well, although similar in routine, I'm currently in full prep mode for a selection of photoshoots I have in just 5 weeks time and thought I'd share the differences.

A gym shoot, a bikini shoot, and a fitness and fashion studio shoot... No pressure then.

Ultimately, the biggest difference I have compared to last time is my team. In main, my coach. Although Adam Parr was incredibly talented, and essentially helped me achieve my Pro status by sticking by me through 2 preps, I felt it was time to try a new approach and push the boundaries once more.

Eddie pictures here (right) with legends Jay Cutler (left) and Ronnie Coleman (centre).

Introducing Eddie Abbew. An ex Olympian BodyBuilder with female prep experience dating back almost as old as me. Not only does this guy produce champions, he's an ex nurse with the health and wellbeing of his athletes as a priority. When I say his knowledge is endless, I really mean it. He blows my mind on a weekly basis when I check in and he looks at my body and it's changes. Training at his gym means I get his expertise as often as I need it, making prepping so much easier. 

So where do I sit currently? Well, on the scales, I'm the heaviest I ever recall being (even compared to my pink elephant days) which quite honestly, I find a real struggle in itself. No matter my own knowledge of muscular development and the weight of this compared to fat, I can't help but feel disappointment when I step on the scales. But, that's where the belief and trust in your coach and the process has to overrule. And ultimately, I'm carrying more muscle than ever before. Plus, I've done it before in a shorter period. So of course, I can do it again. With better results. 

Here's 4 out 5 of a typical Low Carb day for me. Green veg all the way.

2 weeks in, I'm 3.5kg down (mostly water loss) and getting leaner by the day. After my check in with the boss today, he's happy with my progress, and vows that I'm set to look the best I have. Ok big man, let's see what you got.... 
Ed: The food goes down and the cardio is back (which is what I expected). Ed squints at me anticipating I'm going to whinge or shed a tear. What this guy is yet to fully learn, is that when I'm told what to do by someone I respect and trust, I do it 110%. I'm an angel. And actually, as much as I may get hangry on the reg and start to talk in burgers and biscuits, I love the process. I love the feeling of hunger, the sweat and hardship in the gym. Because ultimately, I know that means it's working. And I'm well in the zone to getting the cheese grater abs I'm renowned for. 

Bring on the COD Fish. I got this.


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