Thursday, 17 December 2015

REVIEW - UFIT High Protein RTD Shakes

#FitFam! It’s been a while. This week I’ll be back with a bang. Reviewing my competition process and giving you some tips for Christmas to keep it cleaner than usual. But for now, here’s a little review for you.


Doing what I do means keeping my body in shape and my brain switched on is essential. So getting my food right is a no brainer. I always follow a plan, whether it be prepping for a competition or shoot or just maintaining what I have. Being a foodie means I still have the odd indulgent moment, of course! But that’s why I find my focus is a lot better if I stick to plan most of the time. Let’s talk protein. An essential nutrient for us all, especially those of us who train and want to make improvements to their physique. Eating the right amount can help us build, repair, maintain and alter the way our muscles look. So having many different sources is important to keep us progressing, and let’s face it, keeping us sane! An essential easy source for me is whey protein. I use it as a supplement to training but also as a source of yummy sweetness in my oats or Greek yogurt. But there’s so many types, its hard to know where to start. And when life’s hectic, taking the time to read reviews and ask advice can seem time consuming. So let me help you out. RTD (ready to drink) protein shakes are all the rage lately. Giving you the option to grab and go without any water or mixing required. It’s all there in a little bottle ready for you to enjoy. My only concern? Lots of these drinks contain a lot of unnecessary ingredients that just increase the calories and make them less of a healthy treat but more of a sugary cheat! 

 UFIT drinks on the other hand have no added sugar, just the right amount of calories and a great blend of different types of protein to give an all round solution to us busy bees. Not to mention, they taste so yummy, it feels like your cheating. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have them on a daily basis. I like to keep it as clean as possible so a simple concentrate or isolate post training is my go to, but having one of these in my bag means I can go about my day in the rushiest of rushes and know I can stick to my macros without a worry. 

 Check them out, you won’t regret it

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