Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Cut – Week 15: PEAK WEEK Episode 1.

Peak week. The week. The week where everything happens. It may be scary that it’s getting that close you can smell the tan, but this isn’t a time to stress and worry about making changes. That’s it. You’ve done all you can. Now time to relax… This is all the bullshit my boss Adam tells me. Don’t stress? Don’t worry? ARE YOU SERIOUS BRO? Well I’m sorry. But not only am I a girl (emosh n all that), I’ve worked my tits off (literally. They’re gone) and now this is it. I’m very aware having competed before that there’s nothing I can do to change my physique this close. And I’m also aware that there isn’t any need for that. I was always planning to be ready early so peak week was easy. Cruise to the finish line like the tortoise who gives zero fucks.

The week started as normal. Legs. But it was my last. Sigh. And it was also a light legs session. Double sigh. But, I enjoyed it all the same. These wheels love to be worked, and I certainly made the most of every last leg press. We’ll be reunited again soon my friends.

By Wednesday, I was ready. Ready for what I hear you ask? Well. It was CARB LOADING TIME. Most competitors wait until 2 days before to start the loading phase. But the boss has a plan. And I must trust the process. And hey, I’m not gona complain… Epic oat portions? Sweet potato by the gallon? White rice and honey?! NEW POTATOES and ORANGE JUICE?! Yehhhh I suppose I can cope with that. #NOM. I ran a train on those carbs like nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nommmm (I hope you all know the reference. What a movie. #jokes).

Finally, with work done, it was time to focus on beautifying myself ready for Saturday. Yesterday was spent having my hair done by the incredible Tammy Better Than Natural (we had a flex off. The Klingon took victory) then nails by the talented work of Sophie Nailed It, making the first steps to looking fabulous, a giggle and completely effortless. Love my #glamsquad. Thank you ladies.

Now I sit here tapping away in my room at the official athlete’s hotel, The Marriott, feeling much like a pumped up Carrie Bradshaw (I mean, she’s pretty ripped, but she ain’t got delts, guns, abs and a peach like me. #justsayin). Beautiful room (swung an upgrade. Sassy Stage Slut can’t contain herself) with a stunning view of the quay, all dolled up fresh from registration and the athletes meeting. Such a pleasure to walk amongst some people I really aspire to, including the gorgeous Diva Pros and the judges. I was even asked to sit and have a laugh with Paul Dillett (President of WBFF) and the legend that is Nathan Harewood in the bar. Perfect gentlemen and cracking banter… although I did have to remind myself to calm the laugh (it’s not subtle that’s for sure).

All that tonight has done is cemented my desire to smash this competition. Not just for me and the last 15 weeks, but for my coach, my friends, my family, my clients, my supporters and my man. Becoming the next Pro Diva Fitness Model is all I have my eyes on tomorrow. So, it’s goodbye water, hello wine and hit the pillow ready to feel fresh to show everyone why I deserve this trophy.

I’ll update you on everything ‘Show Day’ related on Sunday… Wish me luck!


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