Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Cut – Week 14: The Penultimate.

No other word can really do as good as this to describe last week. 

Penultimate. Defined by Collins Dictionary:

Adjective: 1) Next to the last.

And by the Urban Dictionary:

Literally means "next to last". In street speak it takes on the meaning "second to none"
 or simply used to describe something utterly appeasing. It is easy to get away with 
using this word because of it's confusion with "ultimate" by those who don't know 
any better.
“Yiee yiee, this be da penultimate shiee here.”

Last week was a lot of next to lasts. Last check in with the boss before show day, last heavy legs session, last big carb meal. But ULTIMATELY, these lasts aren’t to be feared. Reflect but move on and focus on the goal. The dream. It’s that close.

Check in with the boss was incredible. I was surprised at his reaction to my physique. I know I’ve grown, and progressed, but it’s just priceless when your boss won’t stop smiling because he’s so happy with your condition. If the boss is happy, then I’m happy.

A bit more reflection on Tuesday. Making a comparison to my condition 2 weeks out of my last comp to 2 weeks out from the big day. You can see the changes clearly. I’ve more muscle, more definition and I don’t look skinny. I look full and ready. No wonder the boss is happy.

Mamma and I... Peachy.

Veronique and I at the La Diva Design Workshop

Moving forward to Thursday. What a day; one final posing session with the wonderfully sassy Mamma Audrey (which was of course sexy, fun and incredibly inspirational) followed by a train journey to have a fitting with the beautiful Veronique from La Diva Design. This is the second bikini that Veronique has made for me and this time, let me tell you… It’s something to watch out for. No. Actually. Not just watch out for. To SCREAM ABOUT. The big reveal will be in just 3 days time. And I can’t wait to do her and Mamma proud wearing such a beautiful masterpiece!

 Myself, Johanna Hess and Caitlin Silcox at the Mock Show.

Then the weekend was upon me. Shopping for my shoot I have the day after comp was bossed and all that was left to do was glam up for Mamma’s filming and mock show day on Sunday. And what a blast was had. We all gave it EVERYTHING. And ‘Stage Slut’ did me proud. I won round one and snapped second in round two. #BOSH. 
With the rehearsal done, and peak week begun, practice and trusting the process was all that’s left to do. Focus. Grind. And make my dream a reality.

This week I plan to update you on my week on Friday and then my show experience on Sunday. Stay tuned people. The penultimate week done. This is it. Positivity and determination all the way.

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