Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Cut – Week 13: When stress strikes.

 Yep, that’s my peach.

Srsly. The last thing I need right now is a whole loada stress. But this weeks been full of it. Apart from bossing the gym and getting leaner by the day, my life was HECTIC last week. Very busy with clients, a to do list growing by the minute, plus food prep and training and life. Pfft. How can I be 2 weeks out with a life this hectic!

Me bossing 320kg (not including the sled at 53kg)

Unfortunately for anyone, stress can cause a number of nasty side effects. Coming from an imbalance of hormones (yep, everything relates back to these bad boys), stress is something we all deal with differently. Some live off it, others crumble. Well I’d like to say I sit comfortably in the “GIVE IT TO ME BITCH, I GOT THIS” category… until prep and stress ganged up on me (ahh. I’m scared.)

Now most people relate overeating to stress. But I actually fall the other way. I don’t want to eat at all. Which if you know me, well, you know something’s up when Meisha ain’t pining for her next meal. But let’s look at the overeating issue initially. Here’s some examples of what I hear:

“I’ve had such a stressful day, I deserve this [insert appropriate diet cheat here]”
“I just couldn’t stop myself, I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment”
… annndddddd so on.

Firstly. BOLLOCKS. You know what I hear? Blah blah blah blah blah blah… Excuses. There’s always something else you can have. But also, and most importantly, why are we not addressing WHY we are stressed and how to minimise it going forward. That should be the goal. 

Moving on to what happens to me. Loss of appetite. Whilst prepping? That must be good, right? You’ll lose more weight? ERRRRR WRONG! I haven’t worked this hard, for this long, to just lose weight willy nilly. I want to lose body fat, and by not or under eating, I’ll be burning all types of tissue, and not always the bits you want.


So, what’s a girl to do who’s prepping with no appetite? Stuff it down. Force it. Yep. Weigh it, cook it, maybe weigh it again. But then GET IT DOWN YA GIRL. No choice. Food is fuel. Whether I’m hungry or not, that’s always what it comes back to whilst I’m prepping. Remembering I’m eating for a purpose, not for enjoyment. 

I’m aware that for the average person, this concept is difficult to actually implement. Whether you have children, work in a sedentary office or have a partner who’s just ‘lucky’ and can eat what they like, life will throw spanners all over the place… sometimes in your face. So resisting temptation is tough. But let me tell you, whether you over eat or not at all when something’s out of your control, doing what you should ALWAYS puts you in a good place. Plus, you’ll get an epic spud from me. How good does it feel to know you’ve said, “No, I don’t actually need a biscuit. Put. The lid. Back on.” and not feel guilty the next day. Pretty epic if you ask me.

So even when I’m sitting here now, thinking about how I can’t STAND the thought of eating one last meal. I know, whatever happens… I’ll get shit done.

As my week climaxed, I had the pleasure of going to Shaun Stafford’s WBFF posing camp, hosted by the man himself and some of the pro’s to help us get our pose on. It was so good to meet some of the best in the business and get some pointers and advice. And of course, show them what Mamma’s taught me… Well, not what Mamma’s taught me, coz they’d want to do it too… Coz it’s AWESOME. But, I showed them “Stage Slut’ in her finest, and oh boy did she love it. 

Myself with the stunning WBFF pros, Sandra Radav and Lisa Welham

With some good feedback (even though I have an obscenely poorly gut… Okay so maybe too much information? Ahhh deal with it. You’re all my pals now.) I started my week so positively, feeling motivated to get on stage and present Meisha to the WBFF world with pride. But first, its check in Monday… Boss is back!!! (TBC….)

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