Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Embracing Change

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Changes happen every day in life and usually unexpectedly.

But I've decided to take a new approach and rather than sitting back and going along with whatever life has in store, it's now my aim to implement changes that will help me achieve my goals.
From lusting after a walk in wardrobe that Carrie Bradshaw would envy through to building my personal businesses, no longer waiting to see if little old life will give me what i desire.

Rather than adding more to the daily 'to do' list some times it's better to actually taking aspects away.
Which is already proving tough as I'm famous for sleeping 5 hours max a night,  running around like a crazed person doing 101 things as 101 miles per hour. But that just ends up leaving you dissatisfied no matter how well you do, because you're too busy focusing on what else you could achieve rather than appreciating what you have accomplished.

The changes i'm making might not please everyone around me and in that lies my 1st challenge. Changing that habit i have of being a people pleaser. Because we all know that no matter what there will always a negative Nancy lurking round the next corner ready to caste judgement.

Work hard to get what you want out of life & make those changes that will help you live a life you can be proud of, because at the end of it you only ever really answer to yourself.

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