Monday, 2 November 2015

Alter the journey not the destination

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Goals. We all have them, we all set them and most of us will admit that we don't always reach them.
I for one will freely admit that i stumble over the last hurdle when trying to smash that final leap at times,  but hey that's life. We won't learn or better ourselves if everything we want is just dished out on a china plate....right? 

As that moment of realisation sets in that the one thing you've been working towards seems to be running away from you just at the deadline it is normal to wallow a bit and believe me i have my moments! But then it's time to reasses, re-evaluate and reset that target. So what you may not have go to where you wanted to be in 3 months but if you get there in 6 , 12, 18 months who's to say the journey won't make that goal seem even more special when accomplished.  

Never stop working towards what you hope to achieve, but just remember you may have to alter the path to success. 


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