Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Cut – Week 9: DELOAD? Snoreeeee…

When the Boss told me week 9 was going be a deload week, I thought -

 “Ava laugh? What? PAH! MEEEE? Train without pushing myself? 70% you say?! SNORE!”

The instruction was all for good reason. In my last prep, I got to about 5 weeks out and got incredibly sick. Almost hospitalised in fact. All down to hard core dieting and of course, always, training like I’m competing in the Worlds Strongest Man (yep, not even woman. Can’t be beaten by a man… if I can help it).

So, clever clogs Boss did it again – 

Deload week starts. Pfffttttt. BORING. Training quads on Monday was just so… well, it felt pointless. But I did exactly what the boss said. Left the gym feeling like I could’ve done more.

Tuesday. I’m sick. And its check in day. Shit. Must cover sickness so Boss will still kill me (in the gym. Not with a weapon). Drugs, coffee AND pre workout. That’ll do it… Yeah, so the drive was… HYPE. HYPE HYPE HYPE. Training was boshed (although it was really tough) and check in was, well… I’ll leave that for the boss to explain – 

Last week I saw Meisha at Birmingham Ultimate Fitness for our check-in at just over 6 week out from WBFF London. Meisha is in great place and by that I mean she is slightly ahead of where she needs to be at this stage in terms of her condition.

We have been working hard on certain areas since Miami Pro, mainly her glutes as that was a weaker body part, training them every Monday and Thursday for a long time now. The improvements are clear to see and will be clear for everyone to see on November 14th on stage.

I have periodised Meisha’s training, this week is probably going to be the hardest of all the weeks for Meisha… that’s because its what I call a deload week. By this I mean I want Meisha to pull back on the training, not go to failure on any lifts and almost give the body and CNS a weeks rest. Not living, training and running around in 6th gear is something which doesn’t really registered with her, so I had to just tell her straight! 

Looking forward to the next 6 weeks Meisha had a new training split and we have slightly tweaked her diet too for the final stages, we are now using a more carb cycling approach. So Meisha has x3 different food-plans, one for low carb, one for medium carb and one for high carb days

So I drove home happy, adrenaline fuelled and excited. Sick? Don’t know what you’re talking about.

Wednesday. K. So. I’m dead. Work? Nope. HIIT? Absolutely no. So, the Boss knew it. My body was about to shut down, and a week of calm was what I needed (this guy knows me better than me… should I be concerned by that?).

As the week progressed, I would often wake up feeling dandy and finish the day shivering, sweating and generally looking incredible…y gross. Ordered to rest up and chill. Yeah, about that. Maybe the Boss doesn’t know me so well. I JUST CAN’T DO NOTHING!

Thursday. Back in the gym for a light bit of back. I got through it. And actually thanking Boss for deload week at this point… Man I hate it that he’s always right. But, did get a pretty decent look at my back. And I was very happy with my most prized asset. Looking shredded and impressive… Even if I do say so myself.

Skipping a few days, I sit here now, feeling dreadfully sorry for myself, drained, coughing and sounding a LOT more masculine than usual.  Getting sick or injured during prep is common. But also, such an incredible inconvenience/head fuck. I’m now less than 6 weeks out, feeling like I’m losing gains. PLUS, tore something in my groin earlier. Humph. Trying to be positive is proving difficult today.

BUT (and yes, it’s a big, round, juicy, peachy but) I am lucky enough to have the best friends, man and coach to turn to in times of #PrepProblems and feeling #TotesEmosh. I am a pain in the ass. Well aware. I annoy myself. A lot. Prep makes us uncontrollable, female messes. But I always get pulled back to the reality of why I’m doing this. And that I CAN and WILL do this… But I’ll save that for tomorrow. For tonight… is the time for my most hated hashtag… #FML. 

 YEP. Another #AbCheck. 


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