Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Cut – Week 12: Reflect, learn. But never regret.

A week of throwbacks and reflection is sometimes good when you’re trying to progress. This was my main aim this week. To motivate myself to remember how far I’ve come, not just physically, but my ability to cope with the psychological prep battle we all know and hate. 

The week started well, after a small cheat for my birthday (sweet potato fries, NOM) I felt full and ready to smash the life outta my hams and glutes (fave day of the week, of course). 

Tuesday saw a #transformationTuesday thrown out. Looking back at my first ever studio shoot from August 2014, encourages me even more to keep pushing the boundaries of what I can achieve with my body. Back then, I was so happy with my look, having dieted hard for 8 weeks and depleted for the first time, I was proud to show off my body. And like any girls know, feeling like that doesn’t happen. Well, not often at least.

Wednesday was once again, time for ‘Stage Slut’ to make an appearance. I’d practiced my peach off and was ready to show Mamma what I’d been up to. Little did I know, she had a lot of serious work for me to do. Sweaty and pretty much naked, I posed and posed and finally we accumulated a plan. Mwahahaha (and yes, there was a lot of plotting esc laughs had). My T walk, done. My quarter turns, mastered. Now all that was left for me to do was, well, make them look effortless and natural. Hmm. This seemed like a huge task. But, between the slut and I, I know we can nail it.

Oh, and did I mention? Mamma seems to have a serious peach addiction. She even gave it a chew. Like. Seriously. I left with bite marks. She’s an animal. 

As the week drew to a close, as always, I was striving for bigger lifts, better workouts and more and more gains. I reflected on my lucky ‘meet cute’ with the ever so beautiful, ever so epic, Miss Parfitt back before we took the stage together in April’s Miami Pro World Championships. What a gal. And what a blessing to become such wonderful friends, all because of our epic Boss and a shy hello at a Mamma’s meeting. Ladies and gentleman, my wife.

Weekend arrives. The boss, all the way from Oz sends orders of one final… Yep, you guessed it. CHEAT. OHHHHH BOY was I happy it was Saturday. So, it was spent scoffing a gorgeous meal (and dessert… yes, I was allowed dessert!) with a gorgeous man. What a lucky girl. All drawing in with a helping of Miami Pro on Sunday to watch some epic physiques bring home the same trophies I lifted 7 months before.

Think I’m motivated already? Well, after watching that, I want it EVEN MORE. 


Myself, Tom Coleman and the epic Giles Crofta

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