Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Cut – Week 10: Practice practice practice.

If you’re unfamiliar with the competitive bodybuilding world, you’ll pretty much assume that all you need to do is diet hard, train relentlessly and voilà! You’re stage ready. Well, how wrong I was proven in the lead up to my first show. QUE MAMMA. Mamma Audrey Kaipio, the Champion maker of so many who step on stage. And her role? To make you full of confidence and sass when you strut your stuff in the smallest, teeny weeniest, itsy bitsiest, sparkly bikini. And OH MY. This woman’s got it. Whatever it is. She oozes it. And quite frankly, it’s terrifying.
Throwing back to our first ever posing session earlier in the year, I remember Audrey’s first words of encouragement – 

Mamma: “Okay, I want you to walk towards me like you’re on stage. Go.”

Me: *Strut towards her… owning it.* (Well. I thought I did)

Mamma: “Yeah, so… we’ve got some work to do… you look like a builder”

… I’m screwed.

But, after a lo-hot of practice. Relentless practice (in some pretty horrendous shoes that kill your feet). I managed to come home with not only 5 other trophies at Miami Pro including Best Overall Female, but, the award for Best Stage Presence. Mamma had made this builder into a babe. 

This week was my return to the Mac. And this time, I wasn’t scared, I was buzzing. Not only did I know my body had been transformed since I last saw her, but I was ready to show her my sass that I’d been building (see that, still got a lil bit of the ole builder in me – “ALRIGHT DARLIN’, GIZ A KISS! WHEYYYYYYYYYY!”) up for months and months, so excited to get back on stage.

WHAT A SESSION. Not only were we back to our old tricks and having a good giggle, but my new routine was just… God DAMN, IT’S HAWT. I left on such a high, beaming and itching to get back on stage. Ohhhhh I’m gonna bring SASS like you’ve never seen SASS before.

Otherwise, this week has seen a change. I’M BACK to feeling human. Just a chesty cough remains. But that I can cope with. 

As the boss has instructed, the plan has changed from this week –
Carb cycling, less calories mostly, but 1 high carb day remains (phew). I’ve upped my fasted LISS (low intensity steady state cardio - SNORE) and otherwise, just mixed up the training to shock my body further for the final 5 week push (eek!).

It’s getting close. I’m eating less. I’m most definitely, more hangry, more regularly. BUT. I’m STILL getting stronger, STILL seeing results, and ABSOLUTELY STILL believe I can reach my dream. No giving up. Just striving to be the best I can be on that stage. So, that means. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. I’m on it Mamma.


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