Wednesday, 21 October 2015


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As the months get colder and the days darker i think the majority of us end up feeling slightly, well, 'Meh' is the only word that's coming into my mind. We start wishing away the days till the 3 main highlights of the Autumn Winter months : Halloween, Fireworks Night and Christmas. 

This year I'm trying to see the end of the year as a perfect time to reflect on what I've achieved this year and start setting goals for next. When writing this post i reminded myself of a fair few changes that I'd forgotten about :  Going back to living alone, starting a new job , reaching my fitness goals YEARS after initially setting them, building my personal businesses slowly & re-entering the blogging world : all of these are little elements that i have had an impact on my life.  So I'm using these to set the goals for my next few months in more structured way. 

No more running around like headless chicken trying to get 101 things sorted out, which leaves me drained & falling asleep during every movie of date night in the past month! Nope, I'm re-focusing and picking the 3 areas i need to focus on and more importantly than anything else, the 3 areas that will give me that feeling of satisfaction. 

We all measure our achievements in different ways & what i may look at in 2016 & reflect proudly on may not meet the' standards' of another. But we're all individuals with our own aspirations & need to keep that in the forefront of our minds no matter which rat race we're a part of.


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