Monday, 12 October 2015

Damage Control : My new go to hair saviour...

Top Pictures = My hair 4  months ago (left) and My hair this weekend hours after washing & straightening (Right).  Bottom Pictures = My Hair before i used the mask (right) & 2 weeks in/4 mask treatments ( left)

Curls : They drive some crazy with envy, wishing they had curls without having to use 101 heated tools and then there's the group of us who have the natural curls and spend hours each week trying to tame them. I have been part of the latter group for the past few years and my hair has suffered!  

I've tried everything from raiding hair masks in Boots to coconut oil, with no real luck. Yep you get glossy hair for about 24 hours and then it's like you never tried anything. Plus after straightening i usualy had to ait abot 24 hours before the underlying frizz really settled. Cue a number of 1am Wednesdy night hair washes ensuring i had a glossy mane come Friday night with the girls.

But recently i've started using Renu Hair Mask which has been a god send! You get a pretty decent size pot and you just use it after your usual conditioner. Leave it in for 10-15mins and rinse. The first time i used it i thought i was ok, but with all products i believe in testing them for about 2-4 weeks and now i'm obsessed. I honestly think my hair was just that damaged it took a few treatments to bring back to life!

I was looking go dark for A/W to give my hair a break from the bleach but now i may just keep up the lighter locks! Cue hours trawling over Tumblr & Pinterest for new light locks inspiration...

If you'd like any further information send a quick email to - or comment below & i'll get the right details over. 

** This isn't a sponsored post. The opinions are all my own & photo's from personal use.


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