Saturday, 17 October 2015

A weekend in Berlin

A couple of weeks ago i made a last minute dash to Berlin. Each year we try to tick off a city or 2 from our travel wishlist and Berlin was a perfect city when looking at our bank balances after a long summer of fun ( with the dreaded pricey Santa season round the corner). 

Less than 2 hours in a plane and we we had arrived! Much of the weekend was spent walking between various tourist sites , visiting cute back street cafe's and trying in vain to understand the underground/overground train system. As much as Berlin as a mountain of history that will always play a big part of Europes growth , the zest for life was undeniable. 
You couldn't walk more than 20 seconds without spotting yet another cafe, restaurant or bar. 

The ease of the weekend it what really struck me. We didn't really go out with any type of plan, more just a few places we wanted to visit and within 24hours had ticked everything off our list and even managed to squeeze in a few cocktails too! Berlin you have reignited my love of a weekend away.


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