Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Cut – Week 12: Reflect, learn. But never regret.

A week of throwbacks and reflection is sometimes good when you’re trying to progress. This was my main aim this week. To motivate myself to remember how far I’ve come, not just physically, but my ability to cope with the psychological prep battle we all know and hate. 

The week started well, after a small cheat for my birthday (sweet potato fries, NOM) I felt full and ready to smash the life outta my hams and glutes (fave day of the week, of course). 

Tuesday saw a #transformationTuesday thrown out. Looking back at my first ever studio shoot from August 2014, encourages me even more to keep pushing the boundaries of what I can achieve with my body. Back then, I was so happy with my look, having dieted hard for 8 weeks and depleted for the first time, I was proud to show off my body. And like any girls know, feeling like that doesn’t happen. Well, not often at least.

Wednesday was once again, time for ‘Stage Slut’ to make an appearance. I’d practiced my peach off and was ready to show Mamma what I’d been up to. Little did I know, she had a lot of serious work for me to do. Sweaty and pretty much naked, I posed and posed and finally we accumulated a plan. Mwahahaha (and yes, there was a lot of plotting esc laughs had). My T walk, done. My quarter turns, mastered. Now all that was left for me to do was, well, make them look effortless and natural. Hmm. This seemed like a huge task. But, between the slut and I, I know we can nail it.

Oh, and did I mention? Mamma seems to have a serious peach addiction. She even gave it a chew. Like. Seriously. I left with bite marks. She’s an animal. 

As the week drew to a close, as always, I was striving for bigger lifts, better workouts and more and more gains. I reflected on my lucky ‘meet cute’ with the ever so beautiful, ever so epic, Miss Parfitt back before we took the stage together in April’s Miami Pro World Championships. What a gal. And what a blessing to become such wonderful friends, all because of our epic Boss and a shy hello at a Mamma’s meeting. Ladies and gentleman, my wife.

Weekend arrives. The boss, all the way from Oz sends orders of one final… Yep, you guessed it. CHEAT. OHHHHH BOY was I happy it was Saturday. So, it was spent scoffing a gorgeous meal (and dessert… yes, I was allowed dessert!) with a gorgeous man. What a lucky girl. All drawing in with a helping of Miami Pro on Sunday to watch some epic physiques bring home the same trophies I lifted 7 months before.

Think I’m motivated already? Well, after watching that, I want it EVEN MORE. 


Myself, Tom Coleman and the epic Giles Crofta

Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Cut – Week 11: To birthday or not to birthday?

This week sees my day of birth. Once an occasion of heavy drinking, epic eats and general fun times. Ahhh prep. I never thought I’d see the day where I’d be holding back on my usual un-tame celebration. Once again we face the issue of life taking a back seat. But, that doesn’t mean anything in my world. I work hard. Very hard. I mean, I take hard to the next level. We’re talking some kind of unbreakable steal, set in concrete with Vinnie Jones as it’s very own bodyguard. Shit that’s hard… Sorry. Can’t help the tangent talk sometimes. Where was I? So, my point, I work hard, and want to still enjoy my life. So prep wasn’t gonna stop me…§

This week saw the monster sass come out in force. Just like last week, practice is first on my list. My stage presence isn’t just important to get noticed by the judges, but it genuinely illustrates who I am. My passion and dedication to showing myself at my best. My flare. My alter ego. I like to call her “Stage Slut”. And I don’t use the word slut negatively. In fact, as Mamma has taught me, the more you make the judges want you… I mean, want to watch you, the more you’ll be seen. I don’t want them taking their eyes off me. So any spare time means the heels are on, the clothes are off and the eyes are in full on slut mode. It’s quite a sight. I’m not scared to eye bang any one of ya’ll.

Ab checks all round. With the boss away, I’ve been a little on edge not seeing the scales move. Regardless of what I say to my clients, when it’s you, you can never take your own advice (what’s with that? I’m good at my job, why won’t I listen?). So, encouragement by seeing the slabs pop more and more each day is what I’ve been living off. Queue ab check:

Back to the birthday plans. The plan was to go into London with a group of my bestest girls, enjoy some scrummy coffee and tea whilst sitting in a kisch café pretending I’m a normal girl in normal clothes… even though I still slapped out the tupperwear and filled the place with a stench of brussel sprouts (#sorryNOTsorry).

The day couldn’t have been better. The girls all know how committed I am to my dream, so they all supported me by eating beautiful cakes and drinking deliciously nommy cocktails. Yep. Cheers girls…

But on a serious note, people often ask me how I do it. And you know what I say? I can’t allow it to bother me. And I don’t. It’s my choice to restrict my indulgence. And making other people suffer just isn’t my bag. Go for it. Stuff yourself silly. Drink my favourite cocktails and eat all the cake… Just one thing. DON’T EAT PEANUT BUTTER in front of or around me. The consequences will not be pretty. Trust me. We’re talking at least a broken nose. Just as an FYI.

It was then time to make the decision. With the boss away (I’m aware I keep mentioning this, but it isn’t bothering me at all. Not AT all. Nah, I don’t care. Couldn’t care less. Not concerned… erm. Boss? HURRY UP AND COME HOME, YOU SELFISH, LARGE HUNK OF A MAN… Wow. Sorry. Didn’t mean it… Maybe) it was time to decide whether without permission, I was going to go off plan. But before I knew it, it was done. My belly was full of sweet potato fries and I didn’t give a damn. And, to rub it in a little more, the following day saw a glass of champagne get gobbled. Oops… #sorryDEFINITELYnotsorry. 

And the best thing? Not only did I get approval from the boss on Monday morning – 

“… compared to how disciplined you have been and how high your activity level is –
it’s like throwing a ping pong at a lorry lol.”

I woke up feeling tighter and leaner and completely smug. Happy freakin’ birthday Meish 


Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Missguided Jumper Dress  || Topshop Shoe Boots 

As the months get colder and the days darker i think the majority of us end up feeling slightly, well, 'Meh' is the only word that's coming into my mind. We start wishing away the days till the 3 main highlights of the Autumn Winter months : Halloween, Fireworks Night and Christmas. 

This year I'm trying to see the end of the year as a perfect time to reflect on what I've achieved this year and start setting goals for next. When writing this post i reminded myself of a fair few changes that I'd forgotten about :  Going back to living alone, starting a new job , reaching my fitness goals YEARS after initially setting them, building my personal businesses slowly & re-entering the blogging world : all of these are little elements that i have had an impact on my life.  So I'm using these to set the goals for my next few months in more structured way. 

No more running around like headless chicken trying to get 101 things sorted out, which leaves me drained & falling asleep during every movie of date night in the past month! Nope, I'm re-focusing and picking the 3 areas i need to focus on and more importantly than anything else, the 3 areas that will give me that feeling of satisfaction. 

We all measure our achievements in different ways & what i may look at in 2016 & reflect proudly on may not meet the' standards' of another. But we're all individuals with our own aspirations & need to keep that in the forefront of our minds no matter which rat race we're a part of.


Saturday, 17 October 2015

A weekend in Berlin

A couple of weeks ago i made a last minute dash to Berlin. Each year we try to tick off a city or 2 from our travel wishlist and Berlin was a perfect city when looking at our bank balances after a long summer of fun ( with the dreaded pricey Santa season round the corner). 

Less than 2 hours in a plane and we we had arrived! Much of the weekend was spent walking between various tourist sites , visiting cute back street cafe's and trying in vain to understand the underground/overground train system. As much as Berlin as a mountain of history that will always play a big part of Europes growth , the zest for life was undeniable. 
You couldn't walk more than 20 seconds without spotting yet another cafe, restaurant or bar. 

The ease of the weekend it what really struck me. We didn't really go out with any type of plan, more just a few places we wanted to visit and within 24hours had ticked everything off our list and even managed to squeeze in a few cocktails too! Berlin you have reignited my love of a weekend away.


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Cut – Week 10: Practice practice practice.

If you’re unfamiliar with the competitive bodybuilding world, you’ll pretty much assume that all you need to do is diet hard, train relentlessly and voilà! You’re stage ready. Well, how wrong I was proven in the lead up to my first show. QUE MAMMA. Mamma Audrey Kaipio, the Champion maker of so many who step on stage. And her role? To make you full of confidence and sass when you strut your stuff in the smallest, teeny weeniest, itsy bitsiest, sparkly bikini. And OH MY. This woman’s got it. Whatever it is. She oozes it. And quite frankly, it’s terrifying.
Throwing back to our first ever posing session earlier in the year, I remember Audrey’s first words of encouragement – 

Mamma: “Okay, I want you to walk towards me like you’re on stage. Go.”

Me: *Strut towards her… owning it.* (Well. I thought I did)

Mamma: “Yeah, so… we’ve got some work to do… you look like a builder”

… I’m screwed.

But, after a lo-hot of practice. Relentless practice (in some pretty horrendous shoes that kill your feet). I managed to come home with not only 5 other trophies at Miami Pro including Best Overall Female, but, the award for Best Stage Presence. Mamma had made this builder into a babe. 

This week was my return to the Mac. And this time, I wasn’t scared, I was buzzing. Not only did I know my body had been transformed since I last saw her, but I was ready to show her my sass that I’d been building (see that, still got a lil bit of the ole builder in me – “ALRIGHT DARLIN’, GIZ A KISS! WHEYYYYYYYYYY!”) up for months and months, so excited to get back on stage.

WHAT A SESSION. Not only were we back to our old tricks and having a good giggle, but my new routine was just… God DAMN, IT’S HAWT. I left on such a high, beaming and itching to get back on stage. Ohhhhh I’m gonna bring SASS like you’ve never seen SASS before.

Otherwise, this week has seen a change. I’M BACK to feeling human. Just a chesty cough remains. But that I can cope with. 

As the boss has instructed, the plan has changed from this week –
Carb cycling, less calories mostly, but 1 high carb day remains (phew). I’ve upped my fasted LISS (low intensity steady state cardio - SNORE) and otherwise, just mixed up the training to shock my body further for the final 5 week push (eek!).

It’s getting close. I’m eating less. I’m most definitely, more hangry, more regularly. BUT. I’m STILL getting stronger, STILL seeing results, and ABSOLUTELY STILL believe I can reach my dream. No giving up. Just striving to be the best I can be on that stage. So, that means. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. I’m on it Mamma.


Monday, 12 October 2015

Damage Control : My new go to hair saviour...

Top Pictures = My hair 4  months ago (left) and My hair this weekend hours after washing & straightening (Right).  Bottom Pictures = My Hair before i used the mask (right) & 2 weeks in/4 mask treatments ( left)

Curls : They drive some crazy with envy, wishing they had curls without having to use 101 heated tools and then there's the group of us who have the natural curls and spend hours each week trying to tame them. I have been part of the latter group for the past few years and my hair has suffered!  

I've tried everything from raiding hair masks in Boots to coconut oil, with no real luck. Yep you get glossy hair for about 24 hours and then it's like you never tried anything. Plus after straightening i usualy had to ait abot 24 hours before the underlying frizz really settled. Cue a number of 1am Wednesdy night hair washes ensuring i had a glossy mane come Friday night with the girls.

But recently i've started using Renu Hair Mask which has been a god send! You get a pretty decent size pot and you just use it after your usual conditioner. Leave it in for 10-15mins and rinse. The first time i used it i thought i was ok, but with all products i believe in testing them for about 2-4 weeks and now i'm obsessed. I honestly think my hair was just that damaged it took a few treatments to bring back to life!

I was looking go dark for A/W to give my hair a break from the bleach but now i may just keep up the lighter locks! Cue hours trawling over Tumblr & Pinterest for new light locks inspiration...

If you'd like any further information send a quick email to - mggarcha@hotmail.com or comment below & i'll get the right details over. 

** This isn't a sponsored post. The opinions are all my own & photo's from personal use.


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Cut – Week 9: DELOAD? Snoreeeee…

When the Boss told me week 9 was going be a deload week, I thought -

 “Ava laugh? What? PAH! MEEEE? Train without pushing myself? 70% you say?! SNORE!”

The instruction was all for good reason. In my last prep, I got to about 5 weeks out and got incredibly sick. Almost hospitalised in fact. All down to hard core dieting and of course, always, training like I’m competing in the Worlds Strongest Man (yep, not even woman. Can’t be beaten by a man… if I can help it).

So, clever clogs Boss did it again – 

Deload week starts. Pfffttttt. BORING. Training quads on Monday was just so… well, it felt pointless. But I did exactly what the boss said. Left the gym feeling like I could’ve done more.

Tuesday. I’m sick. And its check in day. Shit. Must cover sickness so Boss will still kill me (in the gym. Not with a weapon). Drugs, coffee AND pre workout. That’ll do it… Yeah, so the drive was… HYPE. HYPE HYPE HYPE. Training was boshed (although it was really tough) and check in was, well… I’ll leave that for the boss to explain – 

Last week I saw Meisha at Birmingham Ultimate Fitness for our check-in at just over 6 week out from WBFF London. Meisha is in great place and by that I mean she is slightly ahead of where she needs to be at this stage in terms of her condition.

We have been working hard on certain areas since Miami Pro, mainly her glutes as that was a weaker body part, training them every Monday and Thursday for a long time now. The improvements are clear to see and will be clear for everyone to see on November 14th on stage.

I have periodised Meisha’s training, this week is probably going to be the hardest of all the weeks for Meisha… that’s because its what I call a deload week. By this I mean I want Meisha to pull back on the training, not go to failure on any lifts and almost give the body and CNS a weeks rest. Not living, training and running around in 6th gear is something which doesn’t really registered with her, so I had to just tell her straight! 

Looking forward to the next 6 weeks Meisha had a new training split and we have slightly tweaked her diet too for the final stages, we are now using a more carb cycling approach. So Meisha has x3 different food-plans, one for low carb, one for medium carb and one for high carb days

So I drove home happy, adrenaline fuelled and excited. Sick? Don’t know what you’re talking about.

Wednesday. K. So. I’m dead. Work? Nope. HIIT? Absolutely no. So, the Boss knew it. My body was about to shut down, and a week of calm was what I needed (this guy knows me better than me… should I be concerned by that?).

As the week progressed, I would often wake up feeling dandy and finish the day shivering, sweating and generally looking incredible…y gross. Ordered to rest up and chill. Yeah, about that. Maybe the Boss doesn’t know me so well. I JUST CAN’T DO NOTHING!

Thursday. Back in the gym for a light bit of back. I got through it. And actually thanking Boss for deload week at this point… Man I hate it that he’s always right. But, did get a pretty decent look at my back. And I was very happy with my most prized asset. Looking shredded and impressive… Even if I do say so myself.

Skipping a few days, I sit here now, feeling dreadfully sorry for myself, drained, coughing and sounding a LOT more masculine than usual.  Getting sick or injured during prep is common. But also, such an incredible inconvenience/head fuck. I’m now less than 6 weeks out, feeling like I’m losing gains. PLUS, tore something in my groin earlier. Humph. Trying to be positive is proving difficult today.

BUT (and yes, it’s a big, round, juicy, peachy but) I am lucky enough to have the best friends, man and coach to turn to in times of #PrepProblems and feeling #TotesEmosh. I am a pain in the ass. Well aware. I annoy myself. A lot. Prep makes us uncontrollable, female messes. But I always get pulled back to the reality of why I’m doing this. And that I CAN and WILL do this… But I’ll save that for tomorrow. For tonight… is the time for my most hated hashtag… #FML. 

 YEP. Another #AbCheck. 


Friday, 2 October 2015

#GirlsThatLift – Freddy’s are the only way.

Baby got back? Then these beauties will emphasise your asset. The WR.UP cut lifts and defines your curves in all the right ways. They have denims, jeggings and even a fitness line so your butt looks great while you lift. 

Here I team my black WR.UP’s with a beaut Adidas Originals Trefoil tee, a New Era SnapBack and fresh Nike Huaraches. 

My denims are perfect with any look. Seen here with a Forever 21 crop, Boohoo Cheska Boots and Jovanna London mac (my new favourite Autumn piece).

Girls, it’s my new must have item… Well, I’ve got 3 pairs. And I wear them so much. And the comments… Well, trust me, people will notice the peach. Peachy and proud.

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