Friday, 11 September 2015

The Diet Overhaul

I didn't really know where to start with this post. Did i come straight in pointing out that i don't by any means think i have the worlds best body or did i start off at the beginning of where my issues with weight and figure came into play. But then thinking about it i realised there was actually alot of points i wanted to talk ( or should that be type..) about as so many differnet factors really deserved attention. Body image, Self Esteem : I could go on but i think you all get the point.

To cut a long story short i was cardio obessesed, thinking that doing a few squats and chest presses would get me the figure i wanted. Needless to say no matter how many spinning classes i went to and no matter how low the number on the scale was i didn't really like what i saw in the mirror.  Having known Meisha since we were teens ( yes the days of THAT blonde mullet do ......  haha), i started seeing updates on social media & was seriously impressed with her transformation. So i sent her a Facebook message & a few months later here we are!

In an instant like a suckerpuch right in the jaw Meisha cut my cardio down to 20mins a session and focused on weights. That didn't sound to hard. ' i can handle that' i thought.

But then came the diet overhaul. Apparently surviving on black coffee , some mixed nuts and egg whites wasn't at all healthy. Pretty sure she's still amazed at how i managed to even get to the gym most days let alone crack out a spin class! Out went the 500 calories a day madness and in came nearly triple that amount, tupperware, meal prepping and that word 95% of women dread : CARBS.

We set about the new plan and all was going well but my obsession with weight wouldn't go away. So then i was banned from weighing myself and had to go my measurements & progress pictures. Measurements were taken monthly and progress snaps weekly. I stuck to the plan for the most part though 2 weeks in Mexico and my social cocktail calender were hard to ignore.

For me seeing the results even when i wasn't as 'clean' has given me that kick to be better. I think the pictures speak for themselves : 

Picture 1 ~ March 2015  ||  Picture 2 ~ May 2015 || Picture 3 ~ August 2015

Yeah i have dropped serveral inches, about 2 pounds in weight but most importantly feel stronger mentally & physically. Not only had my knowledge and awareness of my body increased but so has my appreciation for it. I have now set myself another goal for November, which will no doubt mean prepping meals at 6am and forcing myself to the gym when i'd rather be under a duvet but back to the present    Now for a city break i can finally enjoy with out calorie counting.. 
Berlin i'm coming for you!


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