Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Cut – Week 7: 20x per day, on average…

 no, not the average number of times in a day I crave peanut butter… that’s many more (LOL. I’m so funny). But how many times I pee. All my clients know I mostly can’t go an hour session without popping to the toilet. They also know, I ‘ve got this down to a fine and fast art. So sitting down isn’t an option. I’m ALWAYS watching.

Whether your prepping for a competition or just getting through day to day life, hydration is a piece of the puzzle of existence we just can’t live without. Reasons include:

  • 60% of our body is water – 75% in our muscle and 85% in our brain. 
  • It’s required to digest vitamins and nutrients
  • Detoxifies the liver and kidneys (carries away waste)
  • Aids the transportation of oxygen to the body
  • Plus, it’s mostly lost through breathing, sweating and urinating. 

The telegraph reported that over 90% of us are dehydrated. And what comes of this? Well, not just A LOT of unrequired trips to the GP with symptoms like headaches, fatigue, constipation and low energy but another underestimated by-product is of course, weight gain. Yep, you heard it right, you’ll get fat. Or fatter. Or find it harder to shift the fat.  This cannot just be put down to the body not working as efficiently, but our inability to recognise the difference between hunger and the need for a drink. Our body will often suggest weakness, headaches or hunger, when in fact; all we need is a bit of the clear stuff.

Did you know -
More than double the amount of cups of tea are consumed in Briton per year (29.4billion) than glasses of water (12.4billion).

Mental. So I guess we are as stereotypical as the world suggests – 

“Can I get you a drink darling?”
“Oooohhh yes, I’m gasping. I’d love a cuppa.”

All these caffeinated, scrummy options (here I personally refer to my weakness; coffee) like fizzy drinks and good old fashioned English Tea, just add to dehydration. So ‘avin that cuppa when you’re gasping, just ain’t gona do it. 

Personally whilst prepping, I aim to drink 6-8 litres of water a day. A LOT of the clear stuff. Hence the epic amount of pissing. I’m like a race horse, I really am. And I am NOT suggesting that everyone should be drinking this much. But srsly. Think about it. How much water (not tea, fruit juice, squash or any other variety of liquid) do you consume in a day? A glass? If that? Well take it from a reformed chronically dehydrated teenage girl, it is most definitely worth all that toilet paper. Why? Everything. Sleep, energy, mood, focus and not to mention the physical benefits – skin, digestive, organ health… the list goes on. So come on people. Don’t sip it. Nah, don’t be polite. GUZZLE. I wanna hear you guzzle! (No innuendo intended.)

So, my week in summary; I’ve lifted BIG, I’ve STILL eaten carbs (yum) and I’ve started posing practice. Oh and I’ve remained inconsistently HANGRY (of course). But most importantly, I still haven’t given up. And I never will. I want this SO bad. And changes are most definitely happening. Another 0.5kg off, obliques are poppin, and loving feeling strong as ever. Plus, it’s always nice when people start noticing. I might be wearing a big hoody, but what girl doesn’t like hearing -

“Wow, have you lost weight… again?”

My response? 

“I would f@*king hope so! I’m soooooo freakin’ HANGRY!” … Well. Most of the time.

Roll on another week, more challenges, more gains, more water, and of course, more PEEING! BRING IT.


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