Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Cut : Carbo-Phobic? Giirrrl, you crazy!

I think most of us fitness chicks have had a time, or maybe you still have, THE FEAR. And no, I’m not referring to the fear of meeting your perfect man then realising your legs are twice the size of his (happens though, right?). I’m referring to the common fear of carbohydrates.

“I’ll just cut carbs… They make you fat… I can’t eat any carbs if I want to lose weight… No more carbs. Ever.”

Not only do I hear this a lot from my female clients, but I see it all over the place in the industry, and not just from the average dieter who follows what Now magazine say Jen Anniston supposedly eats everyday to be so God damn skinny, but from coaches too.

I put my hands up. I’m guilty. I’ve been there. Living in fear. Living in fear that carbs will definitely make me fat. This was a time when I lived in a state of Ketosis. This isn’t bad for you. In fact, it’s just another way of your body creating energy. But, this process is a lot harder for your body to perform and can therefore, give you some pretty slow and low days along the way.

Defined; a metabolic state whereby your body get’s it’s energy from ketone bodies in the blood. While in this state, due to the lack of available glycogen, you release and consume fat reserves as your energy source.

Sounds great right? Well. It takes some serious effort by eating a high fat, protein and low carb diet to get into this state. And, if like me, you want to continue to train like a monster, this doesn’t give you the best resources to kill it and make size or strength gains. In fact, you’ll find you just don’t have it in you.

Ahhh carbs. My now, beloved friend. How I crave you whilst I’m prepping. And thanks to the boss, I can honestly say I am no longer a carbo-phobe after getting in the best shape of my life and eating more carbs than I ever have before. Not only did my fat drop to below 10% for the competition, I grew muscle, kept getting stronger, sleeping better and generally feeling ready to smash every single day. And ultimately, it’s just about understanding what carbs are good and what are bad. And with this genius invention called the Internet (I hear it’s pretty epic), the help is at the touch of a button. Educating yourself about food is incredibly accessible, not just to a professional but to anyone who want’s to learn. It’s simple. And when you know it and implement it. You’ll probably say exactly what I did…

“I’ve never eaten so many carbs… And I’m losing body fat. THIS IS  AMAAAZZINNNGGGGGGG!!”
Since I last saw the boss, we changed up my food a little, hoping to encourage fat loss and give me some more energy. The biggest and near on only change, was giving me a high carb day on my rest day. And no, not just rice cakes and sweet potato (not that I don’t like you guys, you guys are awesome)… But a big ole WHITE jacket potato to go with it. #BOSH. (Did I mention my boss is the nuts, my boss is the best… I love my boss!) This one day has changed my week entirely. I’m waking up energised, getting through the day without crying for just one, ok five more black coffees and did I mention the training? Strength just keeps increasing with every session! Even though my carbs day to day have dropped. Oh, and of course, I’m getting leaner by the day. CARB FEAR? FEAR NOT. CARBS ARE THE ONE. Dieting or not.

So this week, I did have one day of feeling pretty HANGRY and sorry for
myself (sorry to the ladies I was training at the time when HANGER hit me.
They know who they are. They giggled... Well, more mocked me).
But otherwise, gains just keep on coming. And, the competition is most
definitely on. Bikini ordered, tan booked, make up sorted, shoes
purchased, posing, I got you. But please, let me just warn you now. That
stage isn’t gonna know what’s hit it. Coz I’m bringing it, and working it,
and oh boy do I want it. ROLL ON NOVEMBER! 

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