Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Cut – Week 4: She MUST be on roids.

Getting back to reality after I finally managed to relax at the spa last weekend was tough. But, I was so up for training on Monday, I was twitchin’ for a liftin’. So, starting the week with my favourite is always a must. THE PEACH got a bruising. Legs. AKA, glutes and hams for me. With my quads always having been dominant, for the past 8 months I only ever hit them in compound movements such as squats, lunges and leg pressing; no isolation whatsoever. Quadziller doesn’t need to grow anymore. As a result, I have seen some pretty great progress from my back side. GAINS of the best nature. Poppin’ hammys and a “oh God daaayymm” booty. Never give up on your weaknesses. Take it from me.

Wednesday arrives – one of my favourite days as I have the pleasure of training with Ceri Parry. This girl travels down once a week from Birmingham just to train with the monster (that’s me).

Whilst shoulders are getting it, Ceri kept saying -
“Meish, your back looks insane”
… to which I respond -
“Insane? I dunno about that. It’s certainly my strongest and leanest body part, but insane? Calm down love”.

The following day, I’m looking for a cheeky #ThrowbackThursday and come across the pictures from the day before. I was stunned. My back did look pretty insane. Immediately, the boss gets the picture.

His response -
“Jesus Christ. You look insane”

Happy boss, happy Meisha J. But, this was quickly followed by -

“I just showed my client, she was like, fucking hell… (Pause)… What gear you got her on?”

Immediately all I can do is laugh (lol, infact). As many of you lovely strong ladies out there may relate to, I get this a lot:

“What gear do you take?”
‘What, so you’ve never taken anything?”
“So, how do you look like that?”
“Oh, you’re so lucky, look at your body!”

How do I look like what exactly? And LUCKY? I’ll tell how lucky I am shall I. HARD WORK, SWEAT, TEARS, SCREAMING, MORE SWEAT, MORE WORK… You get the idea. It’s called the grind. Grafting. For what YOU want. ANYONE can get abs… Yep, that’s right! We all have them. But some people just chose to keep them warm whilst others set them free. I am just one of those who choses to kill myself most of the year to get those bumps that make me so freakin’ happy.

And as for steroids, I have absolutely nothing against anyone, male or female, that takes them. In fact, go right ahead. Get some gains… well, get some gains if you know what you’re dealing with. If not, just get a little bit closer to death. And fat. But me, myself and I will be striving for those gains with the small amount of test I already have. Some may say I’m lucky. But I disagree. I’ve worked for everything I have. I haven’t always looked like this… I mean check this out. My 8 year transformation.

Yeahhhh. So. Times been kind. But I must say the gym has a lot to answer for… spitting me out 8 years later. I’ll take it. Any day. All the sweat, tears, hard work, screaming, more grinding etc. You cannot beat that ultimate feeling of accomplishment. So why keep going? BECAUSE YOU CAN ALWAYS BE BETTER. Strive to be the best you can be. Everyday. “ANOTHER BEST DAY” – M:PT. Yep, that’s mine, I’m quoting it. Copyright even. ©. There we go. Knew I’d find that somewhere.

Looking forward to another week of progress. After having a fair amount of ups and downs this week after a few… digestive issues, shall we say, I’m glad to be back feeling empty, I mean myself, once again (yet another prep wonderment. Having that awkward conversation with your attractive coach…
“Sup boss. Sooooo. I haven’t shit in 5 days. Help!? Cheers then.”).
As the check in with the boss approaches, I’m keen to look my best so we can talk progressing tactics.

So what’s next? THE MAIN MAN HAS SPOKEN. Week 5 calls for a change up. More LISS (snore) and the split’s changing. Glutes and hams, chest and biceps, HIIT, quads, bac…. HOLD ON! DID YOU SAY QUADS?! Jesus. You lot better watch out. Looks like Quadziller is out on the prowl for those extra GAINS!!! Raaawwwwhhh!


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