Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Cut – Week 5: I’m not tired I’m f… Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

For the last few years, I can categorically say, I have turned into a morning person. Mostly, up before my alarm (which is usually set between 5-6am) and awake, ready to crack on with ANOTHER BEST DAY© (still trying to make this mine. Hence the ©). Prep life. Prep life has changed me. Fitfam of any variety will always endeavour to talk about how important
sleep is for repair, growth and the general ability to get through day to day life and still get in the gym and switch on BEASTMODE as quick as you can say “GAINS BRO”.

“I don’t need a lot of sleep. Maybe 5-6 hours” is my usual response to the conversation. Which is often met by “Jesus, I don’t know how you do it” – Mate, me neither. And usually, more than 6 hours makes me more of a bitch. But this prep has sent me sleep mad. Yes I work long hours but really? I get home, food prep, get ready for bed and hit the pillow. And almost instantly, I’m asleep. And 5-6am? You can get stuffed. “Nope. Nuh uh. Nooooo.” Is my general chorus to my alarm. PLEASE tell me fellow preppers are the same? IT’S SO ANNOYING. I don’t have time to sleep. This strong bitch got stuff to do like lift heavy shit and prep unsatisfying meals…
You get me?

This week was always going to be challenging. A change of program to push myself EVEN harder in the gym, a check in with the main man Adam Parr (Boss to you and I) AND the biggest challenge of all… The attendance of one of my beautiful friend’s hen weekend. Let’s start from the beginning. 

 The New Plan – 
Love it. Love love love LOVE IT. I had said to the boss that I wasn’t finding some of the exercises all that challenging anymore, which in turn meant I was less motivated to switch it on in the gym. Yep. He definitely listened. BEASTMODE had no option but to flick to ON and get wedged there til Sunday. Every day was a new challenge. Which is EXACTLY how I like it.
The Check In –
The drive the Brum had me buzzin’!... probably because I had some pre-workout, but that’s besides the point. I hadn’t seen the boss since a few weeks before I started prep so I knew he would see a change. Firstly, as always, he beasted me. Friday was all about back isolation and getting some quality lifting to hit the lats hard. Then he finished me off with a short but brutal ab circuit. Then, the stripper heels were on, shorts rolled up for glute inspection and sports bra out in force. The boss was impressed. I was critical (standard) but all in all, it was confirmed that I am due to pull in early, about 2 weeks out. #BOSH.
The Hen Weekend – Firstly, I would just like to say to my client and good friend Nia, who I know loves a good giggle at my prep problems, that I was so honoured to be a part of her hen do. She deserved the best. And I know she’ll agree it was pretty damn close to perfect! To sum up the weekend, the house was insane (5 living rooms, 8 bedrooms, a pool… the list goes on. Just wow.), the company was epic, the games and giggles were spot on… Would be the general consensus. My personal thoughts throughout the weekend consisted of: 
“No Meisha, one WILL hurt (talking about sweets, crisps, pizza, shots etc. … you get the idea)”

“No Meisha, not everyone is prepping (telling others no – Meisha PT was
supposed to stay at home. Tut.)

“Oh fuck. I’m shattered. It’s 8pm. COMON. YOU GOT THIS.”
(30mins later…)

“I’m gona head off to be… IT’S ONLY 8:30?? I mean, what games next?”
I won’t lie. It was tough. But I was surrounded by some very wonderful understanding ladies who just let me crack on, chuck my chicken on the BBQ (which I obviously removed and weighed before consuming) without a bat of an eyelid. And I thank you all for that. We did it. Prep without problems at a hen do.
In summary; your BS excuses no longer fly with me. If I can prep whilst at a hen weekend, you can, most definitely, and absolutely, not HAVE to have that glass of wine because you had a stressful day, or that chocolate because you’d been “good that day”. Don’t BS a BSer. Period.

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