Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Denim X Khaki

Missguided Dress || Bershka Denim || Zara Booties || Miu Miu Sunglasses || Topshop Ring

As Autumn kicks in i find myself reflecting on the summer just passed and preparing myself for what the end of the year holds in store. Rather than new year resolutions i try to set myself goals ( both personal & professional) at regular intervals. The next 12 weeks will see me up my fitness game, process yet another seasonal wardrobe clear out and most importantly working on that little thing called 'self belief'. A factor affects that every avenue in life definitely deserves some attention!

This dress from Missguided was a steal at £15 & goes from day to night with such ease.
Not to mention the Khaki colouring is perfect for the A/W trends of this year. This is the second post it's featured in & i have a feeling it'll be popping up again. 

The online budget brands are killing it this Autumn, and i for one can not wait to update my seasonal wardrobe!


Monday, 28 September 2015

The Cut – Week 8: Ta ta titties!

#SundaySelfie #BestFriend @mybulldogfrank

As I sit here and reminisce my week, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, I can’t help but perv on all my beautiful fitfam. And, I can’t help but start to turn a little green. Not raging like the Hulk (although sometimes I am a little She-Hulk like), but green with envy. My focus drops to my chest. *Sigghh.* Yep. They gone. See ya. Adios. Boobs have transformed into a wonderful puddle of, well, nipple. That’s about it. All these incredibly well endowed ladies I crush over have been blessed… with a great plastic surgeon. I mean come on. Let’s be Frank (I wouldn’t mind being Frank, he has a pretty epic life. He’s snoring right now… That’s my bulldog FYI). No girl can get her body fat that low and still have big bouncy tits. It’s just impossible. So. Falsies are becoming the only reliable way of maintaining a little femininity in this sport. And it’s definitely something I lack. And yes, eventually, I will invest. But no, they won’t be anything that resembles Jodie Marsh’s wrongun’s. Just an all year round perky pair is all I ask. *Sigghh. One day Meish, one day. At least you got da asssssss.*

5 plates a side, for 25 negative reps. #justsaying

My week has been pretty good. It started with quads. Smashed it. Planned a healthy dinner out in the evening. You know, in with the plan. Steak and green veg. But then…

Boss: “Meish, I want you to have a free meal after you train quads this week. Not a cheat like pizza or chocolate, but a meal out with a desert. I want you to enjoy some nice food.”

Me: “I trained quads today… Does that mean…??”

Boss: “Yes! What would you like to have?”

Me: “Am I allowed a burger with sweet potato fries?” (pleaaassseeee say yes…)

Boss: “Yes! Absolutely. And a desert. Like a brownie or ice cream.”

BOSH. I can do that.

So it went DOWN. Ugh. Every mouthful. Burger. Sweet potato chips. Brownie and ice cream. Ugh. Dream. Don’t talk to me whilst I’m enjoying this. Ughhhhh.
But then. I spent the entire night on the toilet. My body was just like – errrrr, nah mate. Not used to this. But it was so worth it. Ughhhh.

After that I felt pretty rank for a couple of days, but then toward the end of the week, as predicted, I pulled in tighter and fuller. Planning a cheat is the best way when you’re prepping. Don’t take them for granted though, who knows if the boss will allow another with just 8 weeks to go.

Training hard. Hit ANOTHER PB on the glute bridges. 180kg for 6 reps. That’s 3 times my body weight. Ahh screw it, I’ll say it again. BOSH.

Now with 7 weeks to go, I’m sitting here on my rest day writing this full of carbs. Feeling happy and satisfied. Check in with the boss Tuesday. Will get his opinion on my progress and fill you in next week (and fulfil your AJP needs with a few buff pics of the boss. You’re welcome in advance).

Remember, work hard and anyone can achieve their dreams. You just have to really want it. And work for it. And ultimately be prepared to make sacrifices. But trust me, it’s worth it. #ABCHECK


Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Cut – Week 7: 20x per day, on average…

 no, not the average number of times in a day I crave peanut butter… that’s many more (LOL. I’m so funny). But how many times I pee. All my clients know I mostly can’t go an hour session without popping to the toilet. They also know, I ‘ve got this down to a fine and fast art. So sitting down isn’t an option. I’m ALWAYS watching.

Whether your prepping for a competition or just getting through day to day life, hydration is a piece of the puzzle of existence we just can’t live without. Reasons include:

  • 60% of our body is water – 75% in our muscle and 85% in our brain. 
  • It’s required to digest vitamins and nutrients
  • Detoxifies the liver and kidneys (carries away waste)
  • Aids the transportation of oxygen to the body
  • Plus, it’s mostly lost through breathing, sweating and urinating. 

The telegraph reported that over 90% of us are dehydrated. And what comes of this? Well, not just A LOT of unrequired trips to the GP with symptoms like headaches, fatigue, constipation and low energy but another underestimated by-product is of course, weight gain. Yep, you heard it right, you’ll get fat. Or fatter. Or find it harder to shift the fat.  This cannot just be put down to the body not working as efficiently, but our inability to recognise the difference between hunger and the need for a drink. Our body will often suggest weakness, headaches or hunger, when in fact; all we need is a bit of the clear stuff.

Did you know -
More than double the amount of cups of tea are consumed in Briton per year (29.4billion) than glasses of water (12.4billion).

Mental. So I guess we are as stereotypical as the world suggests – 

“Can I get you a drink darling?”
“Oooohhh yes, I’m gasping. I’d love a cuppa.”

All these caffeinated, scrummy options (here I personally refer to my weakness; coffee) like fizzy drinks and good old fashioned English Tea, just add to dehydration. So ‘avin that cuppa when you’re gasping, just ain’t gona do it. 

Personally whilst prepping, I aim to drink 6-8 litres of water a day. A LOT of the clear stuff. Hence the epic amount of pissing. I’m like a race horse, I really am. And I am NOT suggesting that everyone should be drinking this much. But srsly. Think about it. How much water (not tea, fruit juice, squash or any other variety of liquid) do you consume in a day? A glass? If that? Well take it from a reformed chronically dehydrated teenage girl, it is most definitely worth all that toilet paper. Why? Everything. Sleep, energy, mood, focus and not to mention the physical benefits – skin, digestive, organ health… the list goes on. So come on people. Don’t sip it. Nah, don’t be polite. GUZZLE. I wanna hear you guzzle! (No innuendo intended.)

So, my week in summary; I’ve lifted BIG, I’ve STILL eaten carbs (yum) and I’ve started posing practice. Oh and I’ve remained inconsistently HANGRY (of course). But most importantly, I still haven’t given up. And I never will. I want this SO bad. And changes are most definitely happening. Another 0.5kg off, obliques are poppin, and loving feeling strong as ever. Plus, it’s always nice when people start noticing. I might be wearing a big hoody, but what girl doesn’t like hearing -

“Wow, have you lost weight… again?”

My response? 

“I would f@*king hope so! I’m soooooo freakin’ HANGRY!” … Well. Most of the time.

Roll on another week, more challenges, more gains, more water, and of course, more PEEING! BRING IT.


Summer's Over

Primark Dress || Zara Boots || 

For me the end of summer is usually made official as soon as London Fashion week kicks off. Whilst the runways are filled with collections to inspire us for next summer, we are left searching for jumpers and the thickest denier tights available. But if you're anything like me at the end of each season i tend to have a big clearout, forgetting that i will no doubt need those items i've decided to ship to a new home via Ebay/Depop.

This little dress was a recent find from Primark and at only £10 i think you'll agree it doesn't break the bank! I've teamed it with these Zara Boots and before the big freeze really kicks in my legs will most probably be shivering away, but my tights stash is ready and waiting should i need it. 


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Cut : Carbo-Phobic? Giirrrl, you crazy!

I think most of us fitness chicks have had a time, or maybe you still have, THE FEAR. And no, I’m not referring to the fear of meeting your perfect man then realising your legs are twice the size of his (happens though, right?). I’m referring to the common fear of carbohydrates.

“I’ll just cut carbs… They make you fat… I can’t eat any carbs if I want to lose weight… No more carbs. Ever.”

Not only do I hear this a lot from my female clients, but I see it all over the place in the industry, and not just from the average dieter who follows what Now magazine say Jen Anniston supposedly eats everyday to be so God damn skinny, but from coaches too.

I put my hands up. I’m guilty. I’ve been there. Living in fear. Living in fear that carbs will definitely make me fat. This was a time when I lived in a state of Ketosis. This isn’t bad for you. In fact, it’s just another way of your body creating energy. But, this process is a lot harder for your body to perform and can therefore, give you some pretty slow and low days along the way.

Defined; a metabolic state whereby your body get’s it’s energy from ketone bodies in the blood. While in this state, due to the lack of available glycogen, you release and consume fat reserves as your energy source.

Sounds great right? Well. It takes some serious effort by eating a high fat, protein and low carb diet to get into this state. And, if like me, you want to continue to train like a monster, this doesn’t give you the best resources to kill it and make size or strength gains. In fact, you’ll find you just don’t have it in you.

Ahhh carbs. My now, beloved friend. How I crave you whilst I’m prepping. And thanks to the boss, I can honestly say I am no longer a carbo-phobe after getting in the best shape of my life and eating more carbs than I ever have before. Not only did my fat drop to below 10% for the competition, I grew muscle, kept getting stronger, sleeping better and generally feeling ready to smash every single day. And ultimately, it’s just about understanding what carbs are good and what are bad. And with this genius invention called the Internet (I hear it’s pretty epic), the help is at the touch of a button. Educating yourself about food is incredibly accessible, not just to a professional but to anyone who want’s to learn. It’s simple. And when you know it and implement it. You’ll probably say exactly what I did…

“I’ve never eaten so many carbs… And I’m losing body fat. THIS IS  AMAAAZZINNNGGGGGGG!!”
Since I last saw the boss, we changed up my food a little, hoping to encourage fat loss and give me some more energy. The biggest and near on only change, was giving me a high carb day on my rest day. And no, not just rice cakes and sweet potato (not that I don’t like you guys, you guys are awesome)… But a big ole WHITE jacket potato to go with it. #BOSH. (Did I mention my boss is the nuts, my boss is the best… I love my boss!) This one day has changed my week entirely. I’m waking up energised, getting through the day without crying for just one, ok five more black coffees and did I mention the training? Strength just keeps increasing with every session! Even though my carbs day to day have dropped. Oh, and of course, I’m getting leaner by the day. CARB FEAR? FEAR NOT. CARBS ARE THE ONE. Dieting or not.

So this week, I did have one day of feeling pretty HANGRY and sorry for
myself (sorry to the ladies I was training at the time when HANGER hit me.
They know who they are. They giggled... Well, more mocked me).
But otherwise, gains just keep on coming. And, the competition is most
definitely on. Bikini ordered, tan booked, make up sorted, shoes
purchased, posing, I got you. But please, let me just warn you now. That
stage isn’t gonna know what’s hit it. Coz I’m bringing it, and working it,
and oh boy do I want it. ROLL ON NOVEMBER! 

Friday, 11 September 2015

The Diet Overhaul

I didn't really know where to start with this post. Did i come straight in pointing out that i don't by any means think i have the worlds best body or did i start off at the beginning of where my issues with weight and figure came into play. But then thinking about it i realised there was actually alot of points i wanted to talk ( or should that be type..) about as so many differnet factors really deserved attention. Body image, Self Esteem : I could go on but i think you all get the point.

To cut a long story short i was cardio obessesed, thinking that doing a few squats and chest presses would get me the figure i wanted. Needless to say no matter how many spinning classes i went to and no matter how low the number on the scale was i didn't really like what i saw in the mirror.  Having known Meisha since we were teens ( yes the days of THAT blonde mullet do ......  haha), i started seeing updates on social media & was seriously impressed with her transformation. So i sent her a Facebook message & a few months later here we are!

In an instant like a suckerpuch right in the jaw Meisha cut my cardio down to 20mins a session and focused on weights. That didn't sound to hard. ' i can handle that' i thought.

But then came the diet overhaul. Apparently surviving on black coffee , some mixed nuts and egg whites wasn't at all healthy. Pretty sure she's still amazed at how i managed to even get to the gym most days let alone crack out a spin class! Out went the 500 calories a day madness and in came nearly triple that amount, tupperware, meal prepping and that word 95% of women dread : CARBS.

We set about the new plan and all was going well but my obsession with weight wouldn't go away. So then i was banned from weighing myself and had to go my measurements & progress pictures. Measurements were taken monthly and progress snaps weekly. I stuck to the plan for the most part though 2 weeks in Mexico and my social cocktail calender were hard to ignore.

For me seeing the results even when i wasn't as 'clean' has given me that kick to be better. I think the pictures speak for themselves : 

Picture 1 ~ March 2015  ||  Picture 2 ~ May 2015 || Picture 3 ~ August 2015

Yeah i have dropped serveral inches, about 2 pounds in weight but most importantly feel stronger mentally & physically. Not only had my knowledge and awareness of my body increased but so has my appreciation for it. I have now set myself another goal for November, which will no doubt mean prepping meals at 6am and forcing myself to the gym when i'd rather be under a duvet but back to the present    Now for a city break i can finally enjoy with out calorie counting.. 
Berlin i'm coming for you!


Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Cut – Week 5: I’m not tired I’m f… Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

For the last few years, I can categorically say, I have turned into a morning person. Mostly, up before my alarm (which is usually set between 5-6am) and awake, ready to crack on with ANOTHER BEST DAY© (still trying to make this mine. Hence the ©). Prep life. Prep life has changed me. Fitfam of any variety will always endeavour to talk about how important
sleep is for repair, growth and the general ability to get through day to day life and still get in the gym and switch on BEASTMODE as quick as you can say “GAINS BRO”.

“I don’t need a lot of sleep. Maybe 5-6 hours” is my usual response to the conversation. Which is often met by “Jesus, I don’t know how you do it” – Mate, me neither. And usually, more than 6 hours makes me more of a bitch. But this prep has sent me sleep mad. Yes I work long hours but really? I get home, food prep, get ready for bed and hit the pillow. And almost instantly, I’m asleep. And 5-6am? You can get stuffed. “Nope. Nuh uh. Nooooo.” Is my general chorus to my alarm. PLEASE tell me fellow preppers are the same? IT’S SO ANNOYING. I don’t have time to sleep. This strong bitch got stuff to do like lift heavy shit and prep unsatisfying meals…
You get me?

This week was always going to be challenging. A change of program to push myself EVEN harder in the gym, a check in with the main man Adam Parr (Boss to you and I) AND the biggest challenge of all… The attendance of one of my beautiful friend’s hen weekend. Let’s start from the beginning. 

 The New Plan – 
Love it. Love love love LOVE IT. I had said to the boss that I wasn’t finding some of the exercises all that challenging anymore, which in turn meant I was less motivated to switch it on in the gym. Yep. He definitely listened. BEASTMODE had no option but to flick to ON and get wedged there til Sunday. Every day was a new challenge. Which is EXACTLY how I like it.
The Check In –
The drive the Brum had me buzzin’!... probably because I had some pre-workout, but that’s besides the point. I hadn’t seen the boss since a few weeks before I started prep so I knew he would see a change. Firstly, as always, he beasted me. Friday was all about back isolation and getting some quality lifting to hit the lats hard. Then he finished me off with a short but brutal ab circuit. Then, the stripper heels were on, shorts rolled up for glute inspection and sports bra out in force. The boss was impressed. I was critical (standard) but all in all, it was confirmed that I am due to pull in early, about 2 weeks out. #BOSH.
The Hen Weekend – Firstly, I would just like to say to my client and good friend Nia, who I know loves a good giggle at my prep problems, that I was so honoured to be a part of her hen do. She deserved the best. And I know she’ll agree it was pretty damn close to perfect! To sum up the weekend, the house was insane (5 living rooms, 8 bedrooms, a pool… the list goes on. Just wow.), the company was epic, the games and giggles were spot on… Would be the general consensus. My personal thoughts throughout the weekend consisted of: 
“No Meisha, one WILL hurt (talking about sweets, crisps, pizza, shots etc. … you get the idea)”

“No Meisha, not everyone is prepping (telling others no – Meisha PT was
supposed to stay at home. Tut.)

“Oh fuck. I’m shattered. It’s 8pm. COMON. YOU GOT THIS.”
(30mins later…)

“I’m gona head off to be… IT’S ONLY 8:30?? I mean, what games next?”
I won’t lie. It was tough. But I was surrounded by some very wonderful understanding ladies who just let me crack on, chuck my chicken on the BBQ (which I obviously removed and weighed before consuming) without a bat of an eyelid. And I thank you all for that. We did it. Prep without problems at a hen do.
In summary; your BS excuses no longer fly with me. If I can prep whilst at a hen weekend, you can, most definitely, and absolutely, not HAVE to have that glass of wine because you had a stressful day, or that chocolate because you’d been “good that day”. Don’t BS a BSer. Period.

Friday, 4 September 2015

The Mom Jean

Top - Boohoo ||  Jeans - Topshop || Heels - Ebay 

Sometimes comfort wins the war on a night out and this outfit has my wardrobe fav : the Mom jean! Ok so since Meisha overhauled my eating/workouts/life in general i have dropped just over a jeans size & so these are a tad big. But i like the fact they sit on the baggy side. Teaming these with a waist belt and a plain top keeps everything pretty simple but the plunge top keeps it feminine. If you wanted to keep it more casual you could throw on some simple trainers or toms.

I actually can not wait to share with you all the changes i've made in the past 5 months. I literally went from eating under 500 calories a day plus 2 hours of cardio 5 times a week to nearly triple the calories, a quarter of the cardio and a hellava lot more weight work. Major changes that had an equally major impact on the way i treated & viewed my body.


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Cut – Week 4: She MUST be on roids.

Getting back to reality after I finally managed to relax at the spa last weekend was tough. But, I was so up for training on Monday, I was twitchin’ for a liftin’. So, starting the week with my favourite is always a must. THE PEACH got a bruising. Legs. AKA, glutes and hams for me. With my quads always having been dominant, for the past 8 months I only ever hit them in compound movements such as squats, lunges and leg pressing; no isolation whatsoever. Quadziller doesn’t need to grow anymore. As a result, I have seen some pretty great progress from my back side. GAINS of the best nature. Poppin’ hammys and a “oh God daaayymm” booty. Never give up on your weaknesses. Take it from me.

Wednesday arrives – one of my favourite days as I have the pleasure of training with Ceri Parry. This girl travels down once a week from Birmingham just to train with the monster (that’s me).

Whilst shoulders are getting it, Ceri kept saying -
“Meish, your back looks insane”
… to which I respond -
“Insane? I dunno about that. It’s certainly my strongest and leanest body part, but insane? Calm down love”.

The following day, I’m looking for a cheeky #ThrowbackThursday and come across the pictures from the day before. I was stunned. My back did look pretty insane. Immediately, the boss gets the picture.

His response -
“Jesus Christ. You look insane”

Happy boss, happy Meisha J. But, this was quickly followed by -

“I just showed my client, she was like, fucking hell… (Pause)… What gear you got her on?”

Immediately all I can do is laugh (lol, infact). As many of you lovely strong ladies out there may relate to, I get this a lot:

“What gear do you take?”
‘What, so you’ve never taken anything?”
“So, how do you look like that?”
“Oh, you’re so lucky, look at your body!”

How do I look like what exactly? And LUCKY? I’ll tell how lucky I am shall I. HARD WORK, SWEAT, TEARS, SCREAMING, MORE SWEAT, MORE WORK… You get the idea. It’s called the grind. Grafting. For what YOU want. ANYONE can get abs… Yep, that’s right! We all have them. But some people just chose to keep them warm whilst others set them free. I am just one of those who choses to kill myself most of the year to get those bumps that make me so freakin’ happy.

And as for steroids, I have absolutely nothing against anyone, male or female, that takes them. In fact, go right ahead. Get some gains… well, get some gains if you know what you’re dealing with. If not, just get a little bit closer to death. And fat. But me, myself and I will be striving for those gains with the small amount of test I already have. Some may say I’m lucky. But I disagree. I’ve worked for everything I have. I haven’t always looked like this… I mean check this out. My 8 year transformation.

Yeahhhh. So. Times been kind. But I must say the gym has a lot to answer for… spitting me out 8 years later. I’ll take it. Any day. All the sweat, tears, hard work, screaming, more grinding etc. You cannot beat that ultimate feeling of accomplishment. So why keep going? BECAUSE YOU CAN ALWAYS BE BETTER. Strive to be the best you can be. Everyday. “ANOTHER BEST DAY” – M:PT. Yep, that’s mine, I’m quoting it. Copyright even. ©. There we go. Knew I’d find that somewhere.

Looking forward to another week of progress. After having a fair amount of ups and downs this week after a few… digestive issues, shall we say, I’m glad to be back feeling empty, I mean myself, once again (yet another prep wonderment. Having that awkward conversation with your attractive coach…
“Sup boss. Sooooo. I haven’t shit in 5 days. Help!? Cheers then.”).
As the check in with the boss approaches, I’m keen to look my best so we can talk progressing tactics.

So what’s next? THE MAIN MAN HAS SPOKEN. Week 5 calls for a change up. More LISS (snore) and the split’s changing. Glutes and hams, chest and biceps, HIIT, quads, bac…. HOLD ON! DID YOU SAY QUADS?! Jesus. You lot better watch out. Looks like Quadziller is out on the prowl for those extra GAINS!!! Raaawwwwhhh!

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