Thursday, 6 August 2015


Prep. This is my journey. Follow it - the highs, the lows, the insider - the cut.

This is it. Week one of fifteen. The goal? Well, there’s only one. To win. And, be the best.
Competing is much more than just a trophy. It’s the journey. And unless you’ve experienced it or been around someone who has, it’s pretty hard to explain the consistent mind games you play with yourself.  That’s why, I plan to guide you through, week on week, what prep involves, how I’m feeling and how to cope with it all. 

My coach is second to none. Adam Parr - he knows his shit. And he helped me achieve more than I ever imagined when I competed for the first time earlier this year. We’ve got the plan. We intend to create a monster of a fitness model… aka, me.

"It's great to be working with Meisha again after the success of Miami Pro. We have started prep 15 weeks out for WBFF to give Meisha plenty of time, I fully expect her to be ready 2-3 weeks early, that's the goal. 
The first stage of prep (weeks 1-4) my goal for Meish is to drop 1-2kg whilst aiming to improve on her lifts each week in the gym, which I have no doubt she will! Week by week I get Meisha to take progress shots from all angles and a weekly weigh to stay ontop of everything throughout the prep. 
15 weeks seems like a long time, but these weeks will fly by and look forward to updating you and showing photos of how Meisha has changed and how she looks a couple weeks out."

WBFF (World Beauty, Fitness and Fashion) is a huge, international federation who has some incredible athletes representing the brand. And I want to be part of it.  I will be in the Amateur Diva Fitness category, requiring me to look lean, muscular but feminine. Muscles need to be popping left right and centre, whilst strutting my thang in 6 inch heels and a gorgeous bikini. And yes. It is definitely, as hard as it sounds.

So, watch this space. Ever wondered how you cope with the cravings, the mind games and the insecurities? Or just want to see what all the fuss is about? Why we put ourselves through hell to reach such an extreme look? Well, get ready to see it first hand. Every week I intend to share my progress, my thoughts and feelings and how I’m staying motivated – this week’s motivation? I WANT MY ABS BACK. That is all.

It’s started well. Food planned and prepped, training planned and prepped. So far, so good. Although, I’m not happy. I’ve done 2 days and still no abs. WTF is that about?... If only. Stick to the plan, trust the process, see the results. Sounds simple? Well. Let me show you, how simple, doesn’t mean easy.


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