Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Cut – Week 3. Aaannnddddd relax.

Prep is a funny game isn’t it. The highs and lows of the emotional battles that you go through day to day.


… hours later …

‘can’t. be. bothered. i can’t possibly train. i can’t even bring myself to
hit shift and make capital letters happen. pfft.’

Saying this, my week started pretty well. Feeling the cut coming along nicely, training being smashed. All is good.

Ah, Thursday. The day before Friday. The day before I get to take a little me time. BOOM! Mess. There it is. That prep smack in the face. Low on energy, the lack of motivation. Oh how I’ve missed this (like a hole in the head). BUT! Needs must. Even getting to the gym was a struggle. Those stairs (srsly. I gotta look into that Stannah Stair lift). Pre workout even felt like it was struggling. Then. The bizarre twist to this tale. I HAD THE BEST WORKOUT EVER. How? I have absolutely no idea. Hitting PB’s, lifting game strong, kicking some serious ASS. Please confirm fitfam - why does this happen? Not that I’m complaining.

Finally. Thursday done. Home, eat, bed. Ready to relax for the weekend. But. Once again, us preppers face an issue wherever we look it seems. Going away? How can we possibly stick to the diet? The training? This is the dilemma.

Many of us will become social recluses when prepping. Honestly – it’s just easier. Avoiding questions and situations of temptation. People just don’t get it…

Just have one (drink/biscuit/chip etc), one won’t hurt’
‘We can never just have one. Does not compute.’

‘Oh go onnn, don’t be a spoil sport’

‘But it’s my birthday’
‘And you’ll have plenty more… PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK!’

It probably sounds incredibly rude. And I’m the first to admit; it is an incredibly selfish time. But quite honestly, until you experience the battle of prep, you just won’t ever understand.
So this time round, I made a pact with myself. Live, laugh AND LIFT. It can be done. And I will make it work. For my own sanity and personal relationships. And step one? Be organised. Be the one to offer plans. Do something fun that doesn’t revolve around food or triggers to make you think of food. This is where the spa came into it. So, whisking myself away to a place of calm and serenity, surrounded by others who chose to relax. Sounds like the ultimate prep retreat. OH HOW WRONG I WAS (review of my weekend to follow). So many f**k ups left me quivering with stress on Saturday, far from the relaxing break I’d been dreaming of. Never the less – I stuck to the plan, trained, ate well (and yes, George played his part) and finally managed to relax on Sunday after a wonderful, deep tissue massage (yet another fitfam quality – we like painful massages. Don’t just tickle me. What’s the point in that? HURT ME.).

Y Spa – Wyboston Lakes Resort, Bedfordshire

Roll on week 4. One more week before we mix shit up (says the boss). Hit me with it! I’m ready …  Well, with this coffee in hand, as ready as prep will allow me to be... allow… mallow… did someone say marshmallow? WHERE? I WANT TO SMELL IT



  1. Good read - love finding out people's different experiences of prep!

  2. Thank you for commenting, more to come.. Stay tuned :-)


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