Monday, 10 August 2015

THE CUT – Week 1. Hunger Strikes.

I’ve been an angel. Yep. Stuck to the plan, ‘trained insane’ as instructed. But oh my. 3 days in, the drop of calories and intensity of training hit me like a punch in the face. Ughhh. Tired, hungry. THIS IS PREP. YAY. (note – intense sarcasm).

When you’re essentially ‘off season’…

(I put ‘off season’ in inverted commas because I HATE this term. It implies you just get fat. Like, some obese moose. But not everyone off season does. Anyway…)… you may stick to a set plan and know the exact macro breakdown of what you’re putting in your mouth, but you’re purpose for eating is different. Either to build or maintain. So you forget that dyer feeling of hunger or want for something you’d never normally eat. Well like I said. I experienced this on Wednesday. 3 days in. And still nothing to show for it.  But, as always, you push through, stay hangry;

‘Hangry’ – defined by the Collins dictionary as: (humorous) irritable as a result of feeling hungry.and go to bed with the ump and hope tomorrow is a better day.

I was lucky enough to train with some epic females this week. The first being Ceri Parry, a trainer from up north. We threw around some heavy weights, giving our shoulders a beasting - great session. Then Thursday, I found myself with two strong bitches, Tracey and Dennise. AND WHAT A SESSION. If I’m completely honest, the idea of training with someone else, let alone another female, has never been my idea of motivation. I want to get in, get shit done, train like the animal I am (rah), and get out. But I must say. This week my opinion was definitely changed. Strong women not only inspire me but, they just get it. The booty gain struggles, the hormones, the insecurities, the lot. I will be sure to be slamming it with them again soon. Thanks ladies.

So as the week has progressed, I’m down 1.5kg and feeling on it. Prep is officially on. And I plan to smash it. 5 meals, higher carbs on training days and none on HIIT day and rest day. Today I write to you from a rest day. Humph. I want to be in the gym. And, had the pleasure of watching my family eat a delicious BBQ of sausages, chicken thighs and chilled white wine. Double humph. But hey, Dad did the good deed of grilling my chicken and asparagus on the flames for me. Cheers then.

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