Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Cut – Week 3. Aaannnddddd relax.

Prep is a funny game isn’t it. The highs and lows of the emotional battles that you go through day to day.


… hours later …

‘can’t. be. bothered. i can’t possibly train. i can’t even bring myself to
hit shift and make capital letters happen. pfft.’

Saying this, my week started pretty well. Feeling the cut coming along nicely, training being smashed. All is good.

Ah, Thursday. The day before Friday. The day before I get to take a little me time. BOOM! Mess. There it is. That prep smack in the face. Low on energy, the lack of motivation. Oh how I’ve missed this (like a hole in the head). BUT! Needs must. Even getting to the gym was a struggle. Those stairs (srsly. I gotta look into that Stannah Stair lift). Pre workout even felt like it was struggling. Then. The bizarre twist to this tale. I HAD THE BEST WORKOUT EVER. How? I have absolutely no idea. Hitting PB’s, lifting game strong, kicking some serious ASS. Please confirm fitfam - why does this happen? Not that I’m complaining.

Finally. Thursday done. Home, eat, bed. Ready to relax for the weekend. But. Once again, us preppers face an issue wherever we look it seems. Going away? How can we possibly stick to the diet? The training? This is the dilemma.

Many of us will become social recluses when prepping. Honestly – it’s just easier. Avoiding questions and situations of temptation. People just don’t get it…

Just have one (drink/biscuit/chip etc), one won’t hurt’
‘We can never just have one. Does not compute.’

‘Oh go onnn, don’t be a spoil sport’

‘But it’s my birthday’
‘And you’ll have plenty more… PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK!’

It probably sounds incredibly rude. And I’m the first to admit; it is an incredibly selfish time. But quite honestly, until you experience the battle of prep, you just won’t ever understand.
So this time round, I made a pact with myself. Live, laugh AND LIFT. It can be done. And I will make it work. For my own sanity and personal relationships. And step one? Be organised. Be the one to offer plans. Do something fun that doesn’t revolve around food or triggers to make you think of food. This is where the spa came into it. So, whisking myself away to a place of calm and serenity, surrounded by others who chose to relax. Sounds like the ultimate prep retreat. OH HOW WRONG I WAS (review of my weekend to follow). So many f**k ups left me quivering with stress on Saturday, far from the relaxing break I’d been dreaming of. Never the less – I stuck to the plan, trained, ate well (and yes, George played his part) and finally managed to relax on Sunday after a wonderful, deep tissue massage (yet another fitfam quality – we like painful massages. Don’t just tickle me. What’s the point in that? HURT ME.).

Y Spa – Wyboston Lakes Resort, Bedfordshire

Roll on week 4. One more week before we mix shit up (says the boss). Hit me with it! I’m ready …  Well, with this coffee in hand, as ready as prep will allow me to be... allow… mallow… did someone say marshmallow? WHERE? I WANT TO SMELL IT


Khaki Basics

Dress & Heels || Missguided 

Don't you just love it when you find a perfect item at a bargain price? This khaki number is from Missguided and a steal at only £15. I teamed it with some Tan Tassel heels but am looking forward to A/W where Thick tights , ankle boots and some faux fur can get involved.

Not quite sure where the scorching sun from the weekends disappeared to but am hoping it returns in time for the Bank Holiday weekend!


Monday, 17 August 2015

The Cut – Week 2. Oh! Hello abs.

They’re baaaackkkkkk. Well. There are certainly 6 (8 if I really squeeze) little bumps on my tummy. I think they’re abs, its been a while, I can’t really remember. So, on that note, can you tell I’ve had a better week? Feeling completely in the prep zone; food on point, training being annihilated. And all because I woke up with those little bumps that to so many, mean so much. And it was after only 8 days of prep. #WINNING. (Blurry ab shot… proof!)

After struggling not prepping for nearly 4 months (the boss will tell you, all I did was moan about being ‘fat’), I can now really understand the benefit of not dieting all year round. So many of my #fitfam friends kept assuring me it was for the best and that my body will react much more effectively when I started dieting again. “Yeah, but I’m fat and I don’t have abs” was generally my response, or at least is what I thought in my head whilst nodding reluctantly. BUT okay, you can say it – I TOLD YOU SO. My body has grabbed onto prep with both hands, given it a shake and said “I’VE GOT THIS MEISH”. And thank God it has! Results are certainly my biggest motivator, as is the case for most people, so body, keep them coming! 

To give you all an insight to the world of prepping, it isn’t all just measuring food into endless Tupperware, training errrryday and eating so little that you feel like a cat could lick you and push you over. Nope. Supplements are the absolute key to success, any pro or competitor that I know will tell you. Get your stack right? Oh boy, your body will love you. 
If you’ve never really supplemented before, unfortunately, this can take time and a process of trial and error. Throughout my last prep, Adam and I tried various supplements to encourage my body to change in the way we wanted. Mostly with success. 
So, my recommendations for beginners to training and dieters? Well, as I said previously, do bare in mind that everyone is individual. Therefore, what I may suggest or what works for me, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. Secondly, (just as a reminder) I’m female. (Well, physically. Although I certainly believe I have bigger metaphoric balls than a lot of men I know. But that’s totally besides the point.) So guys, maybe check with that dench guy in the gym who looks like he knows exactly what he’s doing when you see him day in, day out… training arms and chest. #justsaying.

  • Whey Protein – an easy, quick and tasty way of getting more protein in your diet in order to aid muscle growth, repair and recovery. Simples.
  • BCAA – Branch Chain Amino Acids. Protects those gains you’ve made (muscle) when you’re on a calorie deficit. AKA, they promote protein synthesis and reduce the rate of protein breakdown. Hurrah!
  • L-Glutamine – What if I were to say over 60% off your muscle is made of this beauty of an amino? Nuff said.
  • The basics – omega 3, daily vitamin and calcium and vitamin D. Protect your joints, bones and encourage fat metabolism by ensuring your body gets all the minerals and vitamins it needs. That’ll do.
Any you think I’ve missed out? Feel free to share. 

So to start week 3, I’ve lost another kilo, comfortably back in my size 8’s, and looking forward to the weekend already (I’m going to a spa… I know, check me out). Don’t worry boss, I plan to take all my meals prepped and of course, the essential travel George Foreman for the room. Freshly cooked chicken, salmon and steak. You can’t beat it, ay George?... Well, I would say that and mean it if this spa wasn’t all-inclusive. Humph.


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

From Westwick With Love

When one of your oldest friends is getting married you immediately start counting down the days till you see her walking down the aisle in THE dress. But when we arrived at the location we knew we would be left amazed at more than her stunning bridal gown. 

The setting was in the heart of Norfolk at the family home of my friends fiance and believe me this was no ordinary back garden. The grounds went for as far as the eye could see and had been beautifully prepared for the day and I for one immediately feel the need to explore the breathtaking surroundings.  From the flowers dotted around the 'designated wedding areas', to the cute swings hanging from giant trees, it felt like you'd stepped into a fairytale. Dinner started with a meze inspired starter and the bar declared open. This led onto an evening of hilarious speeches, poloroid camera shots , lots of wine and plenty of dancing.

Outfit wise i managed to step away from uniform of Black, Black and erm more Black. This peach scallop edged shift dress was from Missguided and i teamed it with a pair of stunning Asos shooting star mid heels. When a shoe looks as though it's been dropped in a bucket of gems what's not to love?

Dress - Missguided | Shoes - Asos | Headpiece - SomeWhatBlonde | Blazer - Missguided


Monday, 10 August 2015

THE CUT – Week 1. Hunger Strikes.

I’ve been an angel. Yep. Stuck to the plan, ‘trained insane’ as instructed. But oh my. 3 days in, the drop of calories and intensity of training hit me like a punch in the face. Ughhh. Tired, hungry. THIS IS PREP. YAY. (note – intense sarcasm).

When you’re essentially ‘off season’…

(I put ‘off season’ in inverted commas because I HATE this term. It implies you just get fat. Like, some obese moose. But not everyone off season does. Anyway…)… you may stick to a set plan and know the exact macro breakdown of what you’re putting in your mouth, but you’re purpose for eating is different. Either to build or maintain. So you forget that dyer feeling of hunger or want for something you’d never normally eat. Well like I said. I experienced this on Wednesday. 3 days in. And still nothing to show for it.  But, as always, you push through, stay hangry;

‘Hangry’ – defined by the Collins dictionary as: (humorous) irritable as a result of feeling hungry.and go to bed with the ump and hope tomorrow is a better day.

I was lucky enough to train with some epic females this week. The first being Ceri Parry, a trainer from up north. We threw around some heavy weights, giving our shoulders a beasting - great session. Then Thursday, I found myself with two strong bitches, Tracey and Dennise. AND WHAT A SESSION. If I’m completely honest, the idea of training with someone else, let alone another female, has never been my idea of motivation. I want to get in, get shit done, train like the animal I am (rah), and get out. But I must say. This week my opinion was definitely changed. Strong women not only inspire me but, they just get it. The booty gain struggles, the hormones, the insecurities, the lot. I will be sure to be slamming it with them again soon. Thanks ladies.

So as the week has progressed, I’m down 1.5kg and feeling on it. Prep is officially on. And I plan to smash it. 5 meals, higher carbs on training days and none on HIIT day and rest day. Today I write to you from a rest day. Humph. I want to be in the gym. And, had the pleasure of watching my family eat a delicious BBQ of sausages, chicken thighs and chilled white wine. Double humph. But hey, Dad did the good deed of grilling my chicken and asparagus on the flames for me. Cheers then.

Thursday, 6 August 2015


Prep. This is my journey. Follow it - the highs, the lows, the insider - the cut.

This is it. Week one of fifteen. The goal? Well, there’s only one. To win. And, be the best.
Competing is much more than just a trophy. It’s the journey. And unless you’ve experienced it or been around someone who has, it’s pretty hard to explain the consistent mind games you play with yourself.  That’s why, I plan to guide you through, week on week, what prep involves, how I’m feeling and how to cope with it all. 

My coach is second to none. Adam Parr - he knows his shit. And he helped me achieve more than I ever imagined when I competed for the first time earlier this year. We’ve got the plan. We intend to create a monster of a fitness model… aka, me.

"It's great to be working with Meisha again after the success of Miami Pro. We have started prep 15 weeks out for WBFF to give Meisha plenty of time, I fully expect her to be ready 2-3 weeks early, that's the goal. 
The first stage of prep (weeks 1-4) my goal for Meish is to drop 1-2kg whilst aiming to improve on her lifts each week in the gym, which I have no doubt she will! Week by week I get Meisha to take progress shots from all angles and a weekly weigh to stay ontop of everything throughout the prep. 
15 weeks seems like a long time, but these weeks will fly by and look forward to updating you and showing photos of how Meisha has changed and how she looks a couple weeks out."

WBFF (World Beauty, Fitness and Fashion) is a huge, international federation who has some incredible athletes representing the brand. And I want to be part of it.  I will be in the Amateur Diva Fitness category, requiring me to look lean, muscular but feminine. Muscles need to be popping left right and centre, whilst strutting my thang in 6 inch heels and a gorgeous bikini. And yes. It is definitely, as hard as it sounds.

So, watch this space. Ever wondered how you cope with the cravings, the mind games and the insecurities? Or just want to see what all the fuss is about? Why we put ourselves through hell to reach such an extreme look? Well, get ready to see it first hand. Every week I intend to share my progress, my thoughts and feelings and how I’m staying motivated – this week’s motivation? I WANT MY ABS BACK. That is all.

It’s started well. Food planned and prepped, training planned and prepped. So far, so good. Although, I’m not happy. I’ve done 2 days and still no abs. WTF is that about?... If only. Stick to the plan, trust the process, see the results. Sounds simple? Well. Let me show you, how simple, doesn’t mean easy.

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