Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Meet Mandeep

And here's a bit about me:
I absolutely love the blogging world, and my days are spent trawling blogs from all over the globe. Be it Fashion, Travel, Beauty, Fitness : If it's a good blog I'll be scrolling through it daily.
 After having a fashion blog for a couple of years my confidence dropped as i was unhappy with my 'body'. I stopped blogging as frequently & in the end it all came to halt. I knew Meisha from school, and after following her amazing progress on all forms of social media decided i had to train with her. Meisha has changed my whole approach on Health and Fitness. Out went the scales and hours of cardio, In came the weight training, learning about nutrition and carbs! I decided if i was going to blog again she had to be on board & i wanted to cover more than just fashion.
I'm a bit of a day dreamer and spend most of my days at my desk doing just this. But otherwise I'm just your average girl who loves to train, shop and plan random trips abroad. Where Meisha has Frank i have this (not so little) diva, quite possibly the cuddliest pooch in the world!

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