Thursday, 17 December 2015

REVIEW - UFIT High Protein RTD Shakes

#FitFam! It’s been a while. This week I’ll be back with a bang. Reviewing my competition process and giving you some tips for Christmas to keep it cleaner than usual. But for now, here’s a little review for you.


Doing what I do means keeping my body in shape and my brain switched on is essential. So getting my food right is a no brainer. I always follow a plan, whether it be prepping for a competition or shoot or just maintaining what I have. Being a foodie means I still have the odd indulgent moment, of course! But that’s why I find my focus is a lot better if I stick to plan most of the time. Let’s talk protein. An essential nutrient for us all, especially those of us who train and want to make improvements to their physique. Eating the right amount can help us build, repair, maintain and alter the way our muscles look. So having many different sources is important to keep us progressing, and let’s face it, keeping us sane! An essential easy source for me is whey protein. I use it as a supplement to training but also as a source of yummy sweetness in my oats or Greek yogurt. But there’s so many types, its hard to know where to start. And when life’s hectic, taking the time to read reviews and ask advice can seem time consuming. So let me help you out. RTD (ready to drink) protein shakes are all the rage lately. Giving you the option to grab and go without any water or mixing required. It’s all there in a little bottle ready for you to enjoy. My only concern? Lots of these drinks contain a lot of unnecessary ingredients that just increase the calories and make them less of a healthy treat but more of a sugary cheat! 

 UFIT drinks on the other hand have no added sugar, just the right amount of calories and a great blend of different types of protein to give an all round solution to us busy bees. Not to mention, they taste so yummy, it feels like your cheating. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have them on a daily basis. I like to keep it as clean as possible so a simple concentrate or isolate post training is my go to, but having one of these in my bag means I can go about my day in the rushiest of rushes and know I can stick to my macros without a worry. 

 Check them out, you won’t regret it

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Embracing Change

Asos Camo Shirt || Asos Leggings || Topshop Crop 

Changes happen every day in life and usually unexpectedly.

But I've decided to take a new approach and rather than sitting back and going along with whatever life has in store, it's now my aim to implement changes that will help me achieve my goals.
From lusting after a walk in wardrobe that Carrie Bradshaw would envy through to building my personal businesses, no longer waiting to see if little old life will give me what i desire.

Rather than adding more to the daily 'to do' list some times it's better to actually taking aspects away.
Which is already proving tough as I'm famous for sleeping 5 hours max a night,  running around like a crazed person doing 101 things as 101 miles per hour. But that just ends up leaving you dissatisfied no matter how well you do, because you're too busy focusing on what else you could achieve rather than appreciating what you have accomplished.

The changes i'm making might not please everyone around me and in that lies my 1st challenge. Changing that habit i have of being a people pleaser. Because we all know that no matter what there will always a negative Nancy lurking round the next corner ready to caste judgement.

Work hard to get what you want out of life & make those changes that will help you live a life you can be proud of, because at the end of it you only ever really answer to yourself.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Cut – Week 15: PEAK WEEK Episode 1.

Peak week. The week. The week where everything happens. It may be scary that it’s getting that close you can smell the tan, but this isn’t a time to stress and worry about making changes. That’s it. You’ve done all you can. Now time to relax… This is all the bullshit my boss Adam tells me. Don’t stress? Don’t worry? ARE YOU SERIOUS BRO? Well I’m sorry. But not only am I a girl (emosh n all that), I’ve worked my tits off (literally. They’re gone) and now this is it. I’m very aware having competed before that there’s nothing I can do to change my physique this close. And I’m also aware that there isn’t any need for that. I was always planning to be ready early so peak week was easy. Cruise to the finish line like the tortoise who gives zero fucks.

The week started as normal. Legs. But it was my last. Sigh. And it was also a light legs session. Double sigh. But, I enjoyed it all the same. These wheels love to be worked, and I certainly made the most of every last leg press. We’ll be reunited again soon my friends.

By Wednesday, I was ready. Ready for what I hear you ask? Well. It was CARB LOADING TIME. Most competitors wait until 2 days before to start the loading phase. But the boss has a plan. And I must trust the process. And hey, I’m not gona complain… Epic oat portions? Sweet potato by the gallon? White rice and honey?! NEW POTATOES and ORANGE JUICE?! Yehhhh I suppose I can cope with that. #NOM. I ran a train on those carbs like nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nommmm (I hope you all know the reference. What a movie. #jokes).

Finally, with work done, it was time to focus on beautifying myself ready for Saturday. Yesterday was spent having my hair done by the incredible Tammy Better Than Natural (we had a flex off. The Klingon took victory) then nails by the talented work of Sophie Nailed It, making the first steps to looking fabulous, a giggle and completely effortless. Love my #glamsquad. Thank you ladies.

Now I sit here tapping away in my room at the official athlete’s hotel, The Marriott, feeling much like a pumped up Carrie Bradshaw (I mean, she’s pretty ripped, but she ain’t got delts, guns, abs and a peach like me. #justsayin). Beautiful room (swung an upgrade. Sassy Stage Slut can’t contain herself) with a stunning view of the quay, all dolled up fresh from registration and the athletes meeting. Such a pleasure to walk amongst some people I really aspire to, including the gorgeous Diva Pros and the judges. I was even asked to sit and have a laugh with Paul Dillett (President of WBFF) and the legend that is Nathan Harewood in the bar. Perfect gentlemen and cracking banter… although I did have to remind myself to calm the laugh (it’s not subtle that’s for sure).

All that tonight has done is cemented my desire to smash this competition. Not just for me and the last 15 weeks, but for my coach, my friends, my family, my clients, my supporters and my man. Becoming the next Pro Diva Fitness Model is all I have my eyes on tomorrow. So, it’s goodbye water, hello wine and hit the pillow ready to feel fresh to show everyone why I deserve this trophy.

I’ll update you on everything ‘Show Day’ related on Sunday… Wish me luck!


Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Cut – Week 14: The Penultimate.

No other word can really do as good as this to describe last week. 

Penultimate. Defined by Collins Dictionary:

Adjective: 1) Next to the last.

And by the Urban Dictionary:

Literally means "next to last". In street speak it takes on the meaning "second to none"
 or simply used to describe something utterly appeasing. It is easy to get away with 
using this word because of it's confusion with "ultimate" by those who don't know 
any better.
“Yiee yiee, this be da penultimate shiee here.”

Last week was a lot of next to lasts. Last check in with the boss before show day, last heavy legs session, last big carb meal. But ULTIMATELY, these lasts aren’t to be feared. Reflect but move on and focus on the goal. The dream. It’s that close.

Check in with the boss was incredible. I was surprised at his reaction to my physique. I know I’ve grown, and progressed, but it’s just priceless when your boss won’t stop smiling because he’s so happy with your condition. If the boss is happy, then I’m happy.

A bit more reflection on Tuesday. Making a comparison to my condition 2 weeks out of my last comp to 2 weeks out from the big day. You can see the changes clearly. I’ve more muscle, more definition and I don’t look skinny. I look full and ready. No wonder the boss is happy.

Mamma and I... Peachy.

Veronique and I at the La Diva Design Workshop

Moving forward to Thursday. What a day; one final posing session with the wonderfully sassy Mamma Audrey (which was of course sexy, fun and incredibly inspirational) followed by a train journey to have a fitting with the beautiful Veronique from La Diva Design. This is the second bikini that Veronique has made for me and this time, let me tell you… It’s something to watch out for. No. Actually. Not just watch out for. To SCREAM ABOUT. The big reveal will be in just 3 days time. And I can’t wait to do her and Mamma proud wearing such a beautiful masterpiece!

 Myself, Johanna Hess and Caitlin Silcox at the Mock Show.

Then the weekend was upon me. Shopping for my shoot I have the day after comp was bossed and all that was left to do was glam up for Mamma’s filming and mock show day on Sunday. And what a blast was had. We all gave it EVERYTHING. And ‘Stage Slut’ did me proud. I won round one and snapped second in round two. #BOSH. 
With the rehearsal done, and peak week begun, practice and trusting the process was all that’s left to do. Focus. Grind. And make my dream a reality.

This week I plan to update you on my week on Friday and then my show experience on Sunday. Stay tuned people. The penultimate week done. This is it. Positivity and determination all the way.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Cut – Week 13: When stress strikes.

 Yep, that’s my peach.

Srsly. The last thing I need right now is a whole loada stress. But this weeks been full of it. Apart from bossing the gym and getting leaner by the day, my life was HECTIC last week. Very busy with clients, a to do list growing by the minute, plus food prep and training and life. Pfft. How can I be 2 weeks out with a life this hectic!

Me bossing 320kg (not including the sled at 53kg)

Unfortunately for anyone, stress can cause a number of nasty side effects. Coming from an imbalance of hormones (yep, everything relates back to these bad boys), stress is something we all deal with differently. Some live off it, others crumble. Well I’d like to say I sit comfortably in the “GIVE IT TO ME BITCH, I GOT THIS” category… until prep and stress ganged up on me (ahh. I’m scared.)

Now most people relate overeating to stress. But I actually fall the other way. I don’t want to eat at all. Which if you know me, well, you know something’s up when Meisha ain’t pining for her next meal. But let’s look at the overeating issue initially. Here’s some examples of what I hear:

“I’ve had such a stressful day, I deserve this [insert appropriate diet cheat here]”
“I just couldn’t stop myself, I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment”
… annndddddd so on.

Firstly. BOLLOCKS. You know what I hear? Blah blah blah blah blah blah… Excuses. There’s always something else you can have. But also, and most importantly, why are we not addressing WHY we are stressed and how to minimise it going forward. That should be the goal. 

Moving on to what happens to me. Loss of appetite. Whilst prepping? That must be good, right? You’ll lose more weight? ERRRRR WRONG! I haven’t worked this hard, for this long, to just lose weight willy nilly. I want to lose body fat, and by not or under eating, I’ll be burning all types of tissue, and not always the bits you want.


So, what’s a girl to do who’s prepping with no appetite? Stuff it down. Force it. Yep. Weigh it, cook it, maybe weigh it again. But then GET IT DOWN YA GIRL. No choice. Food is fuel. Whether I’m hungry or not, that’s always what it comes back to whilst I’m prepping. Remembering I’m eating for a purpose, not for enjoyment. 

I’m aware that for the average person, this concept is difficult to actually implement. Whether you have children, work in a sedentary office or have a partner who’s just ‘lucky’ and can eat what they like, life will throw spanners all over the place… sometimes in your face. So resisting temptation is tough. But let me tell you, whether you over eat or not at all when something’s out of your control, doing what you should ALWAYS puts you in a good place. Plus, you’ll get an epic spud from me. How good does it feel to know you’ve said, “No, I don’t actually need a biscuit. Put. The lid. Back on.” and not feel guilty the next day. Pretty epic if you ask me.

So even when I’m sitting here now, thinking about how I can’t STAND the thought of eating one last meal. I know, whatever happens… I’ll get shit done.

As my week climaxed, I had the pleasure of going to Shaun Stafford’s WBFF posing camp, hosted by the man himself and some of the pro’s to help us get our pose on. It was so good to meet some of the best in the business and get some pointers and advice. And of course, show them what Mamma’s taught me… Well, not what Mamma’s taught me, coz they’d want to do it too… Coz it’s AWESOME. But, I showed them “Stage Slut’ in her finest, and oh boy did she love it. 

Myself with the stunning WBFF pros, Sandra Radav and Lisa Welham

With some good feedback (even though I have an obscenely poorly gut… Okay so maybe too much information? Ahhh deal with it. You’re all my pals now.) I started my week so positively, feeling motivated to get on stage and present Meisha to the WBFF world with pride. But first, its check in Monday… Boss is back!!! (TBC….)

Monday, 2 November 2015

Alter the journey not the destination

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Goals. We all have them, we all set them and most of us will admit that we don't always reach them.
I for one will freely admit that i stumble over the last hurdle when trying to smash that final leap at times,  but hey that's life. We won't learn or better ourselves if everything we want is just dished out on a china plate....right? 

As that moment of realisation sets in that the one thing you've been working towards seems to be running away from you just at the deadline it is normal to wallow a bit and believe me i have my moments! But then it's time to reasses, re-evaluate and reset that target. So what you may not have go to where you wanted to be in 3 months but if you get there in 6 , 12, 18 months who's to say the journey won't make that goal seem even more special when accomplished.  

Never stop working towards what you hope to achieve, but just remember you may have to alter the path to success. 


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Cut – Week 12: Reflect, learn. But never regret.

A week of throwbacks and reflection is sometimes good when you’re trying to progress. This was my main aim this week. To motivate myself to remember how far I’ve come, not just physically, but my ability to cope with the psychological prep battle we all know and hate. 

The week started well, after a small cheat for my birthday (sweet potato fries, NOM) I felt full and ready to smash the life outta my hams and glutes (fave day of the week, of course). 

Tuesday saw a #transformationTuesday thrown out. Looking back at my first ever studio shoot from August 2014, encourages me even more to keep pushing the boundaries of what I can achieve with my body. Back then, I was so happy with my look, having dieted hard for 8 weeks and depleted for the first time, I was proud to show off my body. And like any girls know, feeling like that doesn’t happen. Well, not often at least.

Wednesday was once again, time for ‘Stage Slut’ to make an appearance. I’d practiced my peach off and was ready to show Mamma what I’d been up to. Little did I know, she had a lot of serious work for me to do. Sweaty and pretty much naked, I posed and posed and finally we accumulated a plan. Mwahahaha (and yes, there was a lot of plotting esc laughs had). My T walk, done. My quarter turns, mastered. Now all that was left for me to do was, well, make them look effortless and natural. Hmm. This seemed like a huge task. But, between the slut and I, I know we can nail it.

Oh, and did I mention? Mamma seems to have a serious peach addiction. She even gave it a chew. Like. Seriously. I left with bite marks. She’s an animal. 

As the week drew to a close, as always, I was striving for bigger lifts, better workouts and more and more gains. I reflected on my lucky ‘meet cute’ with the ever so beautiful, ever so epic, Miss Parfitt back before we took the stage together in April’s Miami Pro World Championships. What a gal. And what a blessing to become such wonderful friends, all because of our epic Boss and a shy hello at a Mamma’s meeting. Ladies and gentleman, my wife.

Weekend arrives. The boss, all the way from Oz sends orders of one final… Yep, you guessed it. CHEAT. OHHHHH BOY was I happy it was Saturday. So, it was spent scoffing a gorgeous meal (and dessert… yes, I was allowed dessert!) with a gorgeous man. What a lucky girl. All drawing in with a helping of Miami Pro on Sunday to watch some epic physiques bring home the same trophies I lifted 7 months before.

Think I’m motivated already? Well, after watching that, I want it EVEN MORE. 


Myself, Tom Coleman and the epic Giles Crofta

Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Cut – Week 11: To birthday or not to birthday?

This week sees my day of birth. Once an occasion of heavy drinking, epic eats and general fun times. Ahhh prep. I never thought I’d see the day where I’d be holding back on my usual un-tame celebration. Once again we face the issue of life taking a back seat. But, that doesn’t mean anything in my world. I work hard. Very hard. I mean, I take hard to the next level. We’re talking some kind of unbreakable steal, set in concrete with Vinnie Jones as it’s very own bodyguard. Shit that’s hard… Sorry. Can’t help the tangent talk sometimes. Where was I? So, my point, I work hard, and want to still enjoy my life. So prep wasn’t gonna stop me…§

This week saw the monster sass come out in force. Just like last week, practice is first on my list. My stage presence isn’t just important to get noticed by the judges, but it genuinely illustrates who I am. My passion and dedication to showing myself at my best. My flare. My alter ego. I like to call her “Stage Slut”. And I don’t use the word slut negatively. In fact, as Mamma has taught me, the more you make the judges want you… I mean, want to watch you, the more you’ll be seen. I don’t want them taking their eyes off me. So any spare time means the heels are on, the clothes are off and the eyes are in full on slut mode. It’s quite a sight. I’m not scared to eye bang any one of ya’ll.

Ab checks all round. With the boss away, I’ve been a little on edge not seeing the scales move. Regardless of what I say to my clients, when it’s you, you can never take your own advice (what’s with that? I’m good at my job, why won’t I listen?). So, encouragement by seeing the slabs pop more and more each day is what I’ve been living off. Queue ab check:

Back to the birthday plans. The plan was to go into London with a group of my bestest girls, enjoy some scrummy coffee and tea whilst sitting in a kisch café pretending I’m a normal girl in normal clothes… even though I still slapped out the tupperwear and filled the place with a stench of brussel sprouts (#sorryNOTsorry).

The day couldn’t have been better. The girls all know how committed I am to my dream, so they all supported me by eating beautiful cakes and drinking deliciously nommy cocktails. Yep. Cheers girls…

But on a serious note, people often ask me how I do it. And you know what I say? I can’t allow it to bother me. And I don’t. It’s my choice to restrict my indulgence. And making other people suffer just isn’t my bag. Go for it. Stuff yourself silly. Drink my favourite cocktails and eat all the cake… Just one thing. DON’T EAT PEANUT BUTTER in front of or around me. The consequences will not be pretty. Trust me. We’re talking at least a broken nose. Just as an FYI.

It was then time to make the decision. With the boss away (I’m aware I keep mentioning this, but it isn’t bothering me at all. Not AT all. Nah, I don’t care. Couldn’t care less. Not concerned… erm. Boss? HURRY UP AND COME HOME, YOU SELFISH, LARGE HUNK OF A MAN… Wow. Sorry. Didn’t mean it… Maybe) it was time to decide whether without permission, I was going to go off plan. But before I knew it, it was done. My belly was full of sweet potato fries and I didn’t give a damn. And, to rub it in a little more, the following day saw a glass of champagne get gobbled. Oops… #sorryDEFINITELYnotsorry. 

And the best thing? Not only did I get approval from the boss on Monday morning – 

“… compared to how disciplined you have been and how high your activity level is –
it’s like throwing a ping pong at a lorry lol.”

I woke up feeling tighter and leaner and completely smug. Happy freakin’ birthday Meish 


Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Missguided Jumper Dress  || Topshop Shoe Boots 

As the months get colder and the days darker i think the majority of us end up feeling slightly, well, 'Meh' is the only word that's coming into my mind. We start wishing away the days till the 3 main highlights of the Autumn Winter months : Halloween, Fireworks Night and Christmas. 

This year I'm trying to see the end of the year as a perfect time to reflect on what I've achieved this year and start setting goals for next. When writing this post i reminded myself of a fair few changes that I'd forgotten about :  Going back to living alone, starting a new job , reaching my fitness goals YEARS after initially setting them, building my personal businesses slowly & re-entering the blogging world : all of these are little elements that i have had an impact on my life.  So I'm using these to set the goals for my next few months in more structured way. 

No more running around like headless chicken trying to get 101 things sorted out, which leaves me drained & falling asleep during every movie of date night in the past month! Nope, I'm re-focusing and picking the 3 areas i need to focus on and more importantly than anything else, the 3 areas that will give me that feeling of satisfaction. 

We all measure our achievements in different ways & what i may look at in 2016 & reflect proudly on may not meet the' standards' of another. But we're all individuals with our own aspirations & need to keep that in the forefront of our minds no matter which rat race we're a part of.


Saturday, 17 October 2015

A weekend in Berlin

A couple of weeks ago i made a last minute dash to Berlin. Each year we try to tick off a city or 2 from our travel wishlist and Berlin was a perfect city when looking at our bank balances after a long summer of fun ( with the dreaded pricey Santa season round the corner). 

Less than 2 hours in a plane and we we had arrived! Much of the weekend was spent walking between various tourist sites , visiting cute back street cafe's and trying in vain to understand the underground/overground train system. As much as Berlin as a mountain of history that will always play a big part of Europes growth , the zest for life was undeniable. 
You couldn't walk more than 20 seconds without spotting yet another cafe, restaurant or bar. 

The ease of the weekend it what really struck me. We didn't really go out with any type of plan, more just a few places we wanted to visit and within 24hours had ticked everything off our list and even managed to squeeze in a few cocktails too! Berlin you have reignited my love of a weekend away.


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Cut – Week 10: Practice practice practice.

If you’re unfamiliar with the competitive bodybuilding world, you’ll pretty much assume that all you need to do is diet hard, train relentlessly and voilà! You’re stage ready. Well, how wrong I was proven in the lead up to my first show. QUE MAMMA. Mamma Audrey Kaipio, the Champion maker of so many who step on stage. And her role? To make you full of confidence and sass when you strut your stuff in the smallest, teeny weeniest, itsy bitsiest, sparkly bikini. And OH MY. This woman’s got it. Whatever it is. She oozes it. And quite frankly, it’s terrifying.
Throwing back to our first ever posing session earlier in the year, I remember Audrey’s first words of encouragement – 

Mamma: “Okay, I want you to walk towards me like you’re on stage. Go.”

Me: *Strut towards her… owning it.* (Well. I thought I did)

Mamma: “Yeah, so… we’ve got some work to do… you look like a builder”

… I’m screwed.

But, after a lo-hot of practice. Relentless practice (in some pretty horrendous shoes that kill your feet). I managed to come home with not only 5 other trophies at Miami Pro including Best Overall Female, but, the award for Best Stage Presence. Mamma had made this builder into a babe. 

This week was my return to the Mac. And this time, I wasn’t scared, I was buzzing. Not only did I know my body had been transformed since I last saw her, but I was ready to show her my sass that I’d been building (see that, still got a lil bit of the ole builder in me – “ALRIGHT DARLIN’, GIZ A KISS! WHEYYYYYYYYYY!”) up for months and months, so excited to get back on stage.

WHAT A SESSION. Not only were we back to our old tricks and having a good giggle, but my new routine was just… God DAMN, IT’S HAWT. I left on such a high, beaming and itching to get back on stage. Ohhhhh I’m gonna bring SASS like you’ve never seen SASS before.

Otherwise, this week has seen a change. I’M BACK to feeling human. Just a chesty cough remains. But that I can cope with. 

As the boss has instructed, the plan has changed from this week –
Carb cycling, less calories mostly, but 1 high carb day remains (phew). I’ve upped my fasted LISS (low intensity steady state cardio - SNORE) and otherwise, just mixed up the training to shock my body further for the final 5 week push (eek!).

It’s getting close. I’m eating less. I’m most definitely, more hangry, more regularly. BUT. I’m STILL getting stronger, STILL seeing results, and ABSOLUTELY STILL believe I can reach my dream. No giving up. Just striving to be the best I can be on that stage. So, that means. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. I’m on it Mamma.

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